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Meet the Dry Denim Mod

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Hay peoples,

My name is Anthony and as you have probably guessed, I am the moderator for this section. Some of you know me; some of you don’t so I will take this time now to briefly introduce myself. I am 19 years old, and live in the desolate North, a far off place called Toronto in an even more foreign land called Canada (Can-a-dah). Apparently, we have polar bears, narwhals, igloos and icepeople. All the pieces of clothing I own are either black or grey. I own numerous different pairs of black denim, anywhere from black to blacker to blackest. Lined up, I have quite an impressive gradient. My interests include fashion, photography and I am a semi-(almost)ex-computer geek. Besides my involvement at Honest Forum, I have been writing product reviews for computer products about five years now, conveniently I pretty much only shoot products nowadays. Keeping true to fashion side of me, I do this all in skinny raw denim while my computer blasts away some gloomy post rock with screeching violins and guitar thrashing of a trackwithatitletoolong. From the outside, this is all an incredibly odd contrast.

If there is one thing we all have in common, it is perhaps that we migrated over to dry denim after experimenting with various main stream lines of washed denim. I’m looking at you Diesel. Raw denim offers something washed denim doesn’t. It differs from person to person, but for me it’s the look and feel of crisp, dark jeans. I like to think that we are on the road to recovery from a time where raw denim was confusing. For this, I blame Nudie and their marketing rhetoric. That said, my goals for this section follow accordingly. The Dry Denim section has done without a moderator for sometime now, and has done an excellent job getting off the ground and acting as an incredibly valuable resource for Honest Forum. As moderator, I have no intention on changing that. The freedom this section enjoyed I guarantee. I encourage members to be truthful with one another. I don’t mean for a ‘your fashion sucks’ fight, but be rather be constructive. If there is something you don’t like please, voice it. In my time, from the number of internets I have seen I know that there is little we can do with peoples’ attitudes. Or if I may, there is little we can do with nasties. Rather instead we can only create a positive environment in which encourages constructive contribution of its members. That said, I do have a role to perform, and blatant trolling, spam, advertisement will be dealt with accordingly.

I said I would keep it short, so TL;DR

-You have the promise of my absolute commitment to keep this section great
-My only interventions as the role of a moderator will be solely to deal with crapping on this section
-Flipcydesae: All the bastardy things I do is out of love
-JEANius, we’re still styling all over your section
-To all other sections, we’re coming for you, the Dry Denim section doesn’t like to be at the bottom of the list

Now if you'll excuse me for a few hours, I'll edit my incoherent ramblings later after I finish a few papers that are due in about 12 hours.
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Congrats again, you crazy bastard!
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wtf you're only 19?

Nice post, btw
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asians age well
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well said!
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Sowwie Ant But Have To Do This

Originally Posted by anthony View Post
Bought these fanker 796 from the HM quite a while ago, but never wore them, or intended to wear them :P for a few reasons, first I was never one to wear lighter washes, and I thought 26w would be too tight! So I guess slowly, thoughout the last few months Ive been doing quite a bit of sizing down (got some new viker 8EBs in 26 too) and now 26 is perfect! The only thing that I really dont like is the four lines at the thigh... Ill just hope that goes away eventaully

Ill get pics of the viker 8EBs later I think I am now a diesel convert :O

Just had to show proof that you once had Jawnz other than black!

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Oh fuck

Id go ahead and edit that for you.. but

I guess you were merciful in your picking...
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actually I prefer that fit better than your skinny jeans...

maybe if you hem that thing it'll look good
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Yo mans why you gotta hate on skinny jeans like that?

and fake edit: I just realized I dont own anything in that picture anymore, less the camera. Well, the camera body at least. Fuckin' '07, good ol days haha

real edit: HaHaHaHa
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great dude.. loved the jeans...
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