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People hate on the nudies about fit and denim quality and what have you all the time. But for me its not about those things, its those horrible horrible pockets. APC is a decent choice, but doesn't have the slouchy sagged quality of the dh.

And girls who say they don't like skinny jeans on dudes are either

a) into hood rich peeps
b) unable to fit in slim fitting jeans themselves
c) don't realize that skinny/painted on jeans never were all that great, but slim fitting are

So I'd completely discount any comments from said girls, especially courtzzz or who ever it is that moderates the rock and republic section
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the one who mods the r&r section is anoilette* (sorry if the spelling is bad) denim_addict. thanks for that info thu huskie, i was wondering why so many ppl hatin on nudies, but i like em so i guess thats what matters for me. but yeah, i dont really care if others dont like skinny/fitted because thats what fits me best. thanks huskie
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my mistake, its the tr moderator.

I personally like the fades and denim of nudies, and the fit in most cases
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ye im excited to see how my nudies turn out, but i am doing the a.p.c's first maybe ill do a week with each of them. im not sure havent decided yet.
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so after further consideration, and another test with the Nudies, they are just to baggy on me. so im going to take the opportunity to return while i can and prob get the thinn finn ecru and pay the few extra bucks. the one thing is that ill have to buy them in a 30, because i cant move my legs in a 29, wayyyy to tight.
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Why don't you just work on the apc for a while? There's really no need to have more than one pair of raw denim at a time...
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i am working on my apc's right now but for 120 CAD for a pair of average joes, how could i turn that down? im not switchtin back and forth
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It sounded like you were going to return them and pay full price/more for a pair of thin finn; I understand if you only get store credit, but otherwise I don't really see the point or think it's that great of a deal. You'll see other sales anyways. This guy has been trying to sell his BNWT thin finns 29x34 for $110 (~135 cad) shipped for like 3 months, so it can't be that great of a steal... FS: Thin finn 29x34 dry stretch bnwt - MyNudies.com - Dry, Selvage & Nudie Jeans Forum
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yeah thats just thinn finn, im lookin at thinn finn ecru organic. in my city 130 for nudies is a steal, cheapest ive seen around here is about 170
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