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So what should I do?

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So I recently bought a pair of zathans on ebay. 03 772's, authentic, awesome wash etc etc. I ended up giving 125 + sh for them. Ok, so dude was out of the country, so I knew I was gonna have to wait 2-3 weeks. Today is 11 work days. Heres where the kick comes in.... maybe 3-4 days ago, i went to the auction, just to look at them again, and it pulls up "invalid auction number". When I search his ebay name on ebay, it shows hes no longer a registered user.

So I email him, asking for a tracking number, this is the response I get:
Now..I live in my girlfriend's home.Tomorrow I go to my home...I give tracking no. for you....don't worry..Thanks

I am worrying. No number so far. Should I give him a few more days? I sent him another email just a while ago to try to get the number again. He had good feedback and was selling auth diesel stuff.... or should I just go on and start the whole dispute thing?

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I bought stuff from the UK that took about 4 weeks. If he is no longer registered, You can file a paypal claim against him and get a refund, He has to provide proof he sent it. I would wait another week and then file.
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You never mention the time frame between your email to him and when/if he ever responded.. If it has been more than 2 days, just open the dispute. The process is long so might as well start now. Tell him you are just being precocious. It is also possible he shipped the jeans with no tracking. If he has no tracking then you win.
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Open a claim and escalate immediately.
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so, i opened a dispute today. after opening, it said the seller couldnt be contacted and wanted me to escalate to a claim immediately. So I did. Guess Ill know something in a few days. I have the feeling Im gonna take this one with no lube...
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they came in. I think I got lucky this time.
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good to hear they came in!
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