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What is special, if there is anything, about them? Does it give the jeans a special feel?
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Organics is a term thrown around quite often. Its usually just a selling point, at most its a semi- indicator of quality. It could mean either organic cotton, or organic indigo.
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It means you're being GREEN!

If you care that much to preserve the Earth, then that should be a good selling point. If not... then it is a moot point.

At least that's how I look at it.
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ok, so it really doesn't do anything. ok thanks for replies! going to get a pair of thin finn ecru* organics on weekend if they arent sold out
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cop me some TFDBC while you're at it
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they 140 at a place just outside my home town. wouldnt even want to think how cheap it would be for americans to get stuff there
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$140 for TFDBC?

I can't find any e-tailers that have it for less than retail ($175 USD) in my size

Will have to hold off buying them for a while unless I run across a real nice deal.
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well 14 for thin finn ecru.
if u want a pair i might be able to buy one and ship ot you? i am going there next weekend also so i could tell you the sizes and styles they have
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If you can find a 28x32 or 28x34 for < $120 USD lemme know lol. Very unlikely, however.
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less than 120 that would be pretty easy since its 140 canadian for them. thats like 100 usd i belive
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