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Naked and Famous

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Has anyone copped a pair of these? if so what would you say sizing wise. Also I heard something from a guy at a boutique that the stiching on them are bad? Just like to hear someone oppion on themthat has worn them
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They're not nearly as well constructed as, say, samurai. But they source the same mills, so the denim is dope. I have a pair of the big slub and the material is gorgeous but yeah they're not like super super well made
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o well yeah, i didnt expect it to be anything close to samuari. what did u do for sizing??
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Stuck with my usual size - 38.
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hmmm, ok thats interesting
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Ive tried them on, they did not have my size as the smallest they make them in is 28 :P but the material is definitly good. I had no complaints with the stitching, nor have I heard any complaints about N&F ripping or anything. For the price, its definitly a good alterative to the typical APC/ noodies and such.
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yeah i want totry these for my first pair. they have nudies for good prices to. and the price for n&f are cheaper than on the internet
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I just bought a pair of Slimguys today in broken selvage and I got 2 sizes down (30). They fit snug but not too tight, I like them.

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Lol this thread got bumped, and I haven't been on in almost 2 years.



N&F are fucking garbage, worst raw jeans availablle. The construction is horrendous, the buttons are weak, and denim doesn't wear well. My Levis 511 rigids were 9000x better than my N&F. Still like APCs the best though, good price and great construction.

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