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Diesel Microstitching

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Ok, I've been helping a lot of you out, so I hope someone can help me out. Compare these two tags. One of them is from a seller on ebay, the other one is from Dave's website (the fake with microstitching). Can anyone tell me if the seller's tag is authentic? It has the "77" over the Indian's head and the microstitchin, but to me, the tag looks kind of flat.

This is from the seller

This is from Dave
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hard to tell. are there any pics of the actual jeans you can show?
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I just checked them with my (authentic) pair off 772's and they look pretty much identical. The only thing is its pretty hard to see the '77' etc on my tag even tho I am looking with my own eyes, that picture must have been taken in good light since the 77 stands out quite a lot. I can't see any real reason to think they are fake but then i'm no expert and I dont know how good fakes are getting!
Hope this helps..
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Does anyone else think the tags look extremely flat? I'm not sure how many of you own real Diesels, but my tags are all full, like on Dave's website, . compared to this, the seller's picture looks flat. Just wondering...?
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after looking at the rest of the pictures, i think they are real. the wash looks correct, and nothing stands out as fake. the three holes look right, not too ripped like most fakes.

and if they are fake, they are the best ones i have yet to see.
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