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Ed Hardy seller in ebay


Can someone help to check whether is the seller selling authentic Ed Hardy Shirt. It looks suspicious to me since in one auction, it has many color and size to choose. The link is as follow:

Ed Hardy King Bulldog Specialty Foil White Polo Shirt - eBay (item 280441039781 end time Jan-18-10 23:12:10 PST)

Here is another seller selling Ed Hardy. This seller I think should be legit since it is a top-rated seller but need your professional help to double-confirm.

AUDIGIER Ed Hardy Boxing Glove Champ Dress T-Shirt S - eBay (item 120517490625 end time Jan-20-10 08:02:10 PST)

Many thanks for the opinions.
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^ really don't know, if this "stuff" is authentic, but I know for sure, it's heinous...
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Hi zdenal_cz. May I know why do you say it is heinous? Don't quite get it.

Btw, anyone else out there is able to provide their view on the sellers? Thanks.
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he's saying it is heinouss because... well, because it is

ed hardy don't get much love here
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PRPS authentic?

Just bought this skirt on ebay and I doubt they faked a Prps skirt but since the seller has zero feedback I'd rather be safe.
So what's the verdict?

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Originally Posted by vonWitzleben View Post
Authentic Rick owens? Tia

This looks real to me.
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This had been cleared around a year ago...
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i was wondering if anyone could help me with this:

CHRISTIAN DIOR Homme SHOES TRAINERS HIGH TOP Size 42! on eBay (end time 17-Jan-10 20:33:59 GMT)

just received them, and they look kinda suspicious. also, instead of saying made in italy on the inside, they say 817-15-L.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm not an expert on Diors Sneakers, and on this pair in particular
the price for what you got them sounds suspect itself...
and I found a similar pair on Ioffer, this means Dior Lumiere Du Nord sneakers have been faked

post more pics of the actual pair (details, tags, box, all) and people will be able to help you more
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they didnt come with dustbags or a dior box. does anyone know if all dior homme sneakers are tagged as made in italy, with european sizing? I will post more pics as soon as i can.

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I agree w/ Aldo. They are more than likely fake. I've seen quite a few bootleg CD and LV sneakers for sale in NYC.
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im struggling to upload any pics. if anyone is willing, pm me your email address and i will mail them to you.

also, the front part has the following:

CD Homme BZ50 2008
5ND C9394 WOAS

thanks for the quick responses.
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pm sent


I personally still can't tell based on these pics alone, but more of the tags and stitching would help out.

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some mo

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They look fake to me. The patent leather looks more like patent pleather and the leather itself doesn't look even look soft. It looks cheap and harsh.

compare them to this authentic pair at SUFU

superfuture :: supertalk :: NEW DH lumiere du nord sneakers 41

NIB Dior Homme lumière du nord sneakers black patent 41 en vente sur eBay.fr (fin le 28-févr.-10 22:54:02 Paris)

found where he stole the pics too

Culture Shoq – Online Lifestyle Magazine » Blog Archive » Dior Homme | Lumiere du Nord Sneakers
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^ clear fake pair. Just compare the Christian Dior Writing on the backside of the soles:


................REAL .................................................. .. FAKE
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fake, imo

look at the dior homme logo engraved on the backsole, very inaccurate

and the lower soles are monochromatic, while the original has two tones of gray

and yeah, patent leather looks really cheap
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damn we're good. we should start charging.
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^not a bad idea
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thank you both for your help. now for a paypal refund.
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^let us have our fee
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Good luck, Farhany. Keep us updated.
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thanks for your help, both of you, Cez1029 and Evil Sushi

refund sorted, now i just got to get rid of the shoes
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