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Originally Posted by tcheng358 View Post
Ok, so I got one vote for 100% fake, one for authentic, and one for authentically fake. Any reasons for the fake or authentic vote?
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next time post in the Diesel forum; you'll get a better/faster response. These are Women's Diesel- Authentic? Yes. Old? Prolly '04 or so. Ugly? Quite.

If you flip up the wash care tag under the indian head tag you will see the model and wash listed- prolly Louvely or something
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Thanks! The "authentically fake" comment wasn't much help.
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I just bought those shoes but i cant find any tag on it saying where its produced or what it is consisting of. I actually dont even know what that tag is called but my diesel shoes got that inside the shoe.

can you please check them

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Well those look legit for the most part, but I have the rolling sneakers from yves in the regular soft leather (not the patent) bought directly from yves saint laurent and my YSL logo on the inside of the shoe is facing the opposite direction, also on the tongue of the inside of my shoe it says that they are made in spain and under that is the size (39)... but then again I'm not completely sure if the patents are logoed differently and it also could depend on the year these were put out

Where did you get these from?
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oh god

never seen a pair of UMC going for that cheap

they look legit dude
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sweet, thanks a lot, i happened to do a search and bought them now pretty much 5 minutes after they were posted, starting bid of 50 BIN at 80
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 when arrived, plz upload pics...

 her old B/F's one? to forget him... haha
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still can't believe it

post pics when you receive them, just to be sure
well, they have a hole maybe worn a lot, but that price for a pair of UMC...
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Actually got them today, didn't know they'd be so stretchy. The hole is super tiny looks like the spot where a security tag had once been pushed through.. Ill post pics when I get home
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Hey! I found this sweater at a thrift shore, and i wanted to know if anyone could tell me what year it was made, or any other info? Or if it is even real? Thanks!!photo.jpg

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Hi guys, need some with these Zegna trousers. Authentic or not?

















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Hey guys, I wanted to check the authenticity of this Dolce & Gabbana jumper 




I saw simillar jumper but without double line on the arm http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-nxf0gFpyOBw/Tk8QubLF6VI/AAAAAAAAAPs/8MuDdqczZag/s1600/DG_Coke5.jpg

If anyone could tell me is it a fake?

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yoox sells authentic stuff

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Is this t-shirt real guys? 




The seller has good ratings but it seems to good to be true for an Evisu t-shirt. 

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Hey guys.  

I work in a Manhattan high rise and recently someone threw out a MMM6 blazer(?) and a pair of jeans/pants by some brand called Gunex for Brunello Cucunelli. they are in almost new condition. I'm not a female myself so I am looking to unload these off on eBay or some other female fashion marketplace. but I have to make sure they are legitimate.

I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this in since this is a denim site.  if there is a better forum for this clothing, please let me know. if these are real, any information about them would be cool (including prices valuation).

thanks guys!

pics: http://imgur.com/a/qpd21 (the first image is out order and is actually from the pants)

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