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want these authenticated

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im not trying to advertise my listin in the mall, but for facebook n craigslist. it would be nice to have this for reference to send to ppl who are doubting me.

I kno these are authentic but just to get other peoples feedback, for the skeptics out there. thanks!
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real - and since this isn't the mall i can say this without thread crapping. you are asking too much for them. Anyone can get these at an outlet or discount store for 90-100
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these actually are in the mall, and thanks for that......... im open for offers ne ways. and since there "not" in the mall how u know im asking to much. but i am also listing these in my city and u cant find them that cheap here
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Yep, those are real. I really like them. =)
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ye they are real nice, i wish i could keep them but they're baggy as hell on me if i found in a 29 or maybe a 30 i might pick em up
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Nice Yeah I agree with lilcram. I've seen them at Nordstrom Rack in these and with green painted pockets for $100
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ps. what's with the floor. Looks like a set from SAW
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hahahah, its my HANUS basement, none finished
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they're expensive for Americans, but cheap for Canadians. I would pay extra $$$ on jeans to avoid shipping costs and shipping wait times....the only problem is that you have to find your buyer. Ever heard of usedcalgary? It's full of fakes, but might be worth your time, it is free.
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o yeah ino about that, but i was considering it but everyones one there is faked so iunno. ill think about it
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