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This is just simple, but hopefully common sense rules that I would just like to mention:

1. Authentic checks- Please try to post pictures instead of live auction links because some people may be watching the auction and it can drive the price up. (to copy pics: right click-> copy link location-> click on text box the yellow mountain button-> a website box with come up for URL and paste)

2. If you do post a thread with a live auction link as a joke thread, please encourage people to report the auction so we can try to reduce the amount of fakes on ebay.

3. Watch what you say- please refrain from using slurs or comments in regards to race, body weight/image, and overall rude comments about people in general or outfits. It can be offensive, even if you mean it as a joke. Basically if you wouldn't say it in front of someones face, then don't type it!!