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Anybody know if theres anyway to pick up their lines up cheap? or are they all 400+ for jeans?
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Three words in my book represents Dsquareds well enough (of course, IMO)
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hmmm, i havent gotten to see all there stuff. btu from a couple of things i really liked (only pants) and gotta support the canadian bros
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understood, I was merely referring to their material and detail works.

I'd imagine they have relatively good amount of retailers in Canada, no?

Honestly, Dsqaured has been declining quite a bit and I don't know any prominent select shops that carry Dsquared.
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nope never seen them in store here, but i havent looked very hard at all. they might be carried at holt renfrew i dont know.
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I like DSquared but not enough to spend the kind of money they demand for their items. I have a couple things, but only stuff I picked up second hand.

I suggest trying eBay. I saw a $400+ vest/shirt combo go for $51.
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Yeah that is true, would never pay that much for their stuff. some of their stuff is really weird looking. just like the washes on their pants
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The things I've seen of theirs that I like the most have been footwear and I've seen similar designs with nicer materials sold for half as much under other labels
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like y3?? or something or what companies, i have seen a couple shoes i did like
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never really cared for dSquared

there is ZERO sense in their pricing as far as I'm concerned.
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I used to be in love w/ they're shoes/pants, but quality's usually pretty shitty compared to what you pay for even though I admire they're design.

In fact, I bought a pair of pants recently...
IDK if I paid too much though

DSQUARED 2 BIKER MOTO GREEN BEIGE PANTS JEANS 46 44 - eBay (item 270332877330 end time Jan-21-09 20:37:00 PST)

Beige one BTW.... Opinions???
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I think the quality of the cloth and the materials they use is ok, but most of the stuff Dsquared is selling is overpriced and because of the flashing logos and buttons on thery stuff not wearable. I like the cuts of some jeans on luisviaroma but some details on the jeans are destroying it.
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Holt Renfrew carries DSquared2...but apparently only in Vancouver & Toronto.
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hmmm, sonobody knows where i can get them for cheap? just searchin on ebay. and also anybody able to authenticate them?
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^ I'm able to authenticate, if you send me the links.

just a word of warning to you that at least half of dsquared stuff on ebay is fake
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o yeah i could tell, everything is from china
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Simons got dsquared2 on sale at the end of season most of the time, don't know if there's one in Calgary though
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There is a good sale on at eLuxury.com and dsquared has a few items for cheaper
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I have a ton of Dsquared, they prices vary but they are in the high side, the looks are IMO better that DH, of course they have some shit too...Sometimes bluebee (they are local so I go to their store) have a deal or two...
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you can get some stuff on ebay at a reasonable price...but ALOT of fakes. They have a few nice things in each season I think but overall alot of there stuff is kinda lame and cheap looking IMO. If I go to pittsburgh again I will check out Moda and see what they have PM me if you are looking for something in particular and I can check it out and see if they have it and how much
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item # 320338454110

one reason i dont like dsquared....underwear pants. these things are hideous.
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yeah, they had a pair of boxers on ebay for 300 bucks. i really wish i could afford anything right now, but job-less so maybe when i have some money ill PM you. i really only want a pair of their shoes or a pair of older style jeans. thanks for offer man
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They oscillate between cool if pricey pieces and total tacky crap.

I have a fair amount of Dsquared, but it's pretty difficult to find below retail if you are looking for a specific piece. Otherwise just keep your eyes on eBay.
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