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^ Those are Night Falls!
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Thanks, Tony. Edited it into my post.

Are you going to keep yours, btw?
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Yes, I think I am going to. They're stretching out well in the waist/seat area, so they don't make me look like I have a deformed ass anymore. They're still a bit tight in the thigh but I suspect that's just the cut. It should loosen up a little bit more with wear, though.

I'm planning on posting some updated fit pics tomorrow or something.
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That would be appreciated. Are you grey Diors 19cm cut? Can you compare cuts? Is 17.5 tighter overall. Or just more tapered from the lower thighs downwards?
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Yep, my Grey Diors are 19cm (they are the Grey Cotton Waxed pants... MII)

As far as comparing 19cm and 17.5cm --- 17.5cm is definitely a lot slimmer in every area. The thighs are very slim, to the point that there is virtually no taper at all on 17.5cm compared to the looser thighs and moderate taper found in 19cm. 17.5cm is a good deal tighter than my New Cures in the upper block.
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Im still debating if I could pull off Dior....I think they would be too slim for me....I wear a 34 in most diesel (worn with some sag) I am 6'1" and about 200lbs....I have bigger thighs though from riding bikes and playing soccer...so I dont know if Dior would be a good grab for me???? what do you guys think since you are on the topic....
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also...can you compare them to a diesel style...like thanaz or heevan???? just curious if there is a similar cut that I have owned in diesel before I drop a few bills on a pair of Dior
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You should post your question in the Dior Homme thread in the dry denim section. Once you do, I will post my answer in there so as to not fill this thread up with irrelevant information
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Wow, I wish I was rich......
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^ Fuck, too small!

Dior "Rattle Yor Cage" 19cm, size 30, bnwt. Too bad, too big for me:

CHRISTIAN DIOR JEANS UOMO NUOVO BLUE STRAIGHT LEG 30 44 bei eBay.de: Jeans (endet 13.07.09 20:08:39 MESZ)

CP Achilles low, size 42, bnib. Again, too big for me:

COMMON PROJECTS BLACK SUEDE ACHILLES LOW 42 bei eBay.de: (endet 13.07.09 03:00:46 MESZ)
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this rattle your cage are tempting indeed
but I'm not sure about the 19cm fit...
I'm afraid they'd be too "baggy" for me at the moment

plus, what I'm really after is UMC/dust/jake...
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I think dust and jake arent available in the 17.5cm cut.

Plus if your a size 30 in Thanaz 72L and cant size down, You will need at least a size 30 in 19cm mii cut, maybe even a 31 and probarbly a 31 in 17.5cm. Plus UMC and Jake are running small. You might want to size up for these.

tbh. I might try that Rattle Your Cage. The 30 might be a bit loose for me (lower thigh, knee and calve), but I guess they wont stretch as much as my mij raw, so they might probarbly come out very similar. If they dont work, I can still send them back or sell them at a similar price
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^not sure about dust, but jake is available in 17.5 cm

thanks for the info on sizing, and good call, I remember i tried a W31 in UMC07 and was quite tight
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Youre right jake is, but dust certainly isnt. And not sure about pre-KVA-UMC.

Prices for Jakes, Slimane UMCs 19cm and Orange Overdyes 19cm are almost always ridiculous btw. Like those 71Js sold recently.
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^you're right...

that's the problem
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Yep, that is the only reason I am thinking about selling my Thanaz 71J. It would be the only possibility to justify dropping aseveral hundreds of Euros on a pair of jeans... For now, at least
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I can see your point Ben

that's probably just me, and I know I could been bashed by most of people on HF for this, but thanaz 71J have never been a dope for me
epic pair indeed, I could cop for a reasonable price, but for some reason, I've never wanted them that bad

so I can justify selling them for a pair of Slimane UMC, seriously

now, ready for negs
... if someone's still reading
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Good point. Even though I still think that 71J is one of the best Diesel washes ever released. The denim and the wash details are amazing. The denim is probarbly much better than most of the Dior fabrics.

But I am almost convince of selling mine. I am not wearing them often enough to justify keeping them. They might be up on eBay soon.

I still regret letting the last pair of 19cm Orange Overdye size 29 on eBay pass to a new owner other than me...
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