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Originally Posted by Saddock View Post
Don't understand measures between the two 28 diors : one in 37,5cm at the waist, the other 40cm...
I never know which size to look for when it comes to dior.
But I have an MIJ size 28..waist is 39/40cm and fit is snug...

UMC look so damn hot...
As a with all denim sizes vary slightly from wash to wash. Same goes for cut to cut variations (MIJ and MII e.g.).

In addition, the first measurement sounds like new/recently washed (i.e. unstretched) measurement, taken from the jeans just laying flat on the floor or whatever. The second one sounds like measurments from worn/stretched out denim with front and back aligned.
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wow those UMC's sold for under $250. I don't really like the 08 version but that's not a bad deal.
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Originally Posted by Evil Sushi View Post
^it's not a Dior outlet, it's a generic outlet that carries high end stuff
well, darnoc dawn of an era was available in W30 if you're interested, but keep in mind it runs big
then a light grey pair in 19cm (don't know the name, but not mist, nor dauphin, nor sheer)

and they had a lot of sizes at the outlet, mainly W30 and up
day offs in W33
dawn of an era W32
some white denimz various sizes

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No! Bidding was ended early by the seller.
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someone cut a deal off ebay, or the seller decided he didn't like the way the auction was going..
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Grrr ... Why you had to post them here?
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post what?
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me/ want an UMC sooo baaddd.....but don't even know in which size I have to get it...and the prices it reaches just scare me...

Could have bought some diors with all diesels I have...
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^same here...

only difference is that I know what size to go for

p.s. I want Jakes as well, but prices would be even higher
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Those UMC's say 26 but the waist measurement listed seems like it's for a bigger size. What's up with that.
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Lol I asked the same question to myself, measurements are pretty strange for a 26...26 should be almost like 35cm xD
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Yep, same goes for the leg opening measurement...
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Dior black raw MII, size 27

http://www.luisaviaroma.com/index.aspx#getData.aspx|CallType=Product&prodId=06 V138&des=&cat=40&gender=men&group=clothing&vendorC olor=OTAw&season=sale&seasProdID=49I

There is coupon code for another 10% on sales items, results in something around 110 Euros shipped. Very good deal!
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Dior Dust wash 21cm, size 27 hemmed to a 32 inseam. Very rare, unfortunately too small for me (and too short too btw.).

MEN’S DIOR HOMME JEANS Hedi Slimane Sz 27 Waist 31 bei eBay.de: Jeans (endet 10.02.10 04:00:55 MEZ)
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^sushi, those are actually timur's I think.Just copped myself a pair the other day.
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If they will be size 31 I would BIN, grrrrr. DH raw 30 19cm
Dior Homme MIJ 19cm Raw 30 w Denim Jeans on eBay (end time 14-Feb-10 15:47:27 GMT)
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I'm very tempted by those
only thing that chill me is that I want to "put my hands" a raw project from the very beginning...
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Gone anyways.

^zdenal: dont you wear a size 32 in Thanaz?
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oops sorry, typo. Yes, I thought 32.
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Grey PS Timurs @ 200$
Paul Smith | Gimme Shoes
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