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i need responses ....

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ok so i bought some thanaz 86cs a while back on ebay because which were 100% authentic microstitch approved and all and i got them in a 36 because i was told that they were the loosest thanaz ever so i thought they would stretch well they didnt and i ended up selling them on ebay now the person who bought them wants to slander me and say i sold him fakes because he claims that they are a 40 waist easily, which i HIGHLY doubt because then i would have kept them now he wants his money back but i put all sales were final and sent him a ton of pitures which he requested... can anyone offer me any advice on this?
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He will lose as long as your listing clearly stated the waist size and better yet if you had measurements in your listing and pictures of the tags. If your listing was vague and had few or blurry pictures, then matters will become complicated. You are surely dealing with a 'noob' or a fucking idiot, since if he did his research he would know that the jeans are real.

He will try to file a dispute, surely. What this guy is basically doing is having buyer's remorse and wants a way out. Sometimes Paypal will be on your side if it goes to a claim, sometimes no. I hope your listing was very clear. If he seems like he will be a malicious fuckface, it may be best to offer to accept the jeans back and he will have to send it back to you and you will have to say that you got it back in the same condition as you sent it out.

Link us to your auction if you don't mind.
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Diesel Jeans THANAZ 86C BNWT 100% AUTHENTIC NICE PRICE - eBay (item 130281357000 end time Jan-20-09 12:53:01 PST) there's the link thank you very much for the responses the "all sales are final" is at the bottom but i also included this note in the invoice when i sent it to him
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all sales are final doesnt really mean anything to me...
i think its assumed when you buy things on ebay you cant return them unless there is a huge discrepnancy(pardon my spelling)

youll win the paypal claim unless you didnt put tracking and he claims he never received them....
only bad part is they might put the $$ on hold until they decide in your favor so take it out asap if you didnt already
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- The "All Sales Are Final" doesn't mean much (especially since... see next line)
- You do have on the page that you accept Returns and that it must be within 7 days.
- The item is listed both as 36x34 and 36x32

Suggestions for next time

- Take VERY clear pictures, and host on photobucket, imageshack or some other free image hosting service
- Take measurements and put them right there in your auction, you want people to ask questions if they are unsure about something, but you do not want to have to be sending pictures through email or eBay messaging, since if you took the time from the beginning and added clear pictures and measurements, you wouldn't have to go through that process.
- Having clear pictures and measurements increases the price you get for your items and reduces (not eliminates) the chances of buyer disputes.


Send the buyer a note saying "Good day, I am sorry that you are unhappy with the item, I assure you that they are in fact authentic denim; I do not buy, wear nor sell false merchandise. Since you are unhappy with the fit however, please return the item to me and I will refund you" You do not want to make this go to Paypal, because he's the buyer and has that position as the advantageous claimant and will most likely WIN and you will still have to refund him and you WILL not get your listing and paypal fees returned to you. You will have to be defending your position and it will be tough because your auction states that you accept returns although the written "All sales are final" is there, it doesn't mean much because a sale is only final if both parties agree that it is.

As a side note, how is it possible that something is BNWT and never worn, yet you came to the conclusion that they will not stretch out?
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the thing is i already got his money, so they can make me return it? i mean this is ridiculous!!! im going to post his emails because he says "he wants justice" and he plans on going on honestforum and autheticforum to pretty much slander me
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this was his last email: didnt mislead you at all"...the jeans are 40X32, not 36X32 like you said. That IS being mislead!...but you already know that, as is obvious by your explanation of commonly accepted ebay behavior, which is apparantly completely immoral and cheap. By the way, your active, and thorough, communication does not mean you were honest. I'm not going to point to all the contradictions in your 2 messages because we both know the truth, and it is a waste of my time arguing with someone who cannot admit simple flaws in argument, such as sizing. You can be sure that I will tell the truth not only in my feedback but also on those 2 forums, in the hopes that I can contribute to cleaning up ebay. As a medical student, I look forward to graduation so I never have to come here to save money and do business with lazy people that have to scam others in order to make some extra money. You are a good petty thief,but this time you ran into someone that's very motivated to expose dishonest sellers
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my response : scroll down to the bottom my friend and it says all sales are final on this auction .. not to mention it was included on your invoice so have fun. i do not apprciate the insults such as petty theif etc. also being a med school student im surprised you have soo much time on your hands as to fight with someone on the internet for $65. good luck to ya.
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u guys are righ ti will probably lose this battle but im not going out without a fight i buy jeans that dont fit all the time on ebay and i never try to get my money back
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not their fault it didnt fit
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my response to the next email down: JUSTICE?!?!?! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!? i didnt mislead you at all my communication was nothing short of thorough i sent you picures at your request did everything according to ebays policy and you were fully aware of the no returns. im selling 4 pair of diesels right now that i bought from VERy reputable sellers on ebay that dont fit me at all, which is a huge bummer but i didnt try to go after the sellers for my money back, because i understand that that is the risk of buying on ebay especially if you are buying any kind of designer clothing on here. my advice to you would be if you plan on buying designer jeans on ebay do your research first and understand that no 2 diesels are always going to be alike especially if you thanaz 86cs are buy far the loosest thanaz ever made if you want to confirm this go to a website called honestforum.com/ authenticforum.com they are great sources for autheticating jeans and giving advice on cuts washes and how they can fit differently. if you plan on slandering me saying i sold you fakes then we will get ebay involved and handle this properly. Im game for that.
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this is part 2 from my first response:
If you do not return my money I will be forced to leave feedback where I say these jeans are 'FAKE.' I will make every effort to notify people you are a 'scam.' I will do further research on fakes and look for more signs of fakes. First one is sizing, a tag with 36 is actually a 40. I will make every effort to make sure as many people as possible will know about you, and I will take pictures (comparing side by side my store bought to your fakes.) There are pages on ebay to spot fakes and I will contribute with your name. I am not a vicious and spiteful person, but I want JUSTICE. I paid you with trust and you decieved me. If you do return my money, then you are a just person with sound business morals and this was simply an error that you did not intend,and I will apologize for being aggressive and presumptious. But, if you dont return my money it is obvious what you are and I will tell everyone of your scam
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this is ridiculous
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DUDE, TELL HIM TO RETURN THE JEANS... it's not worth the headache and PAYPAL will make you refund him... SERIOUSLY. I didn't want to have to shout, but seriously... your auction says that you ACCEPT RETURNS... no matter if you said "All sales are final", another part of it says that you do... and because that part is in the eBay system that you accept returns, that trumps it. It's like a contract that has a clause that supersedes a previous one.

I seriously understand your frustration because that the jeans are really Size 36 and the buyer is saying that they are Size 40... but it says that you accept returns... and accepting returns means that you will exchange the item for money if you are not satisfied so Paypal will look at that and say... "jasonweeverlover's mom/dad you LOSE!" so it's best that you just go ahead and do the refund thing and get that behind you and sell them to someone else or try to wear them... they will stretch by the way.
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Whew, its getting steamy in here. I'm pretty well versed with psychology and all, which leads me to believe that this guy is desperate, or retarded. I don't understand some people sometimes though.

The jeans are obviously real. I don't think he understand that diesel is also a vanity fit brand (Which means diesels sizing is larger than other brands). Let him know about that. Add that to the fact that these particular thanaz stretch a whole lot and you have a big ass pair of jeans.

Also, I believe it is illegal to trash the reputation of someone on ebay. Report his message to ebay.
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Wrong Section...
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Hey Jason, I know more people frequent the Diesel section but from now on please post here (eBay & paypal)for all inquiries regarding eBay.
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no problem sorry about that cez, but bio i took your advice man and am going to return them it's become too much fo a headache he did however try to get the money first before sending the jeans which i put a stop to
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I had this same issue like a month or two ago. I sold some 772's that were 32's and were like ~18" across. Dude didnt understand vanity fit and the fact that you should size down anyways for 772. I refunded as well.

Moral of the story: add waist measurements next time to the listing.
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I would have made the guy file a claim. On more than one occasion I have had buyers who have not read properly or simply choose to ignore details from the auction. Oftentimes they won't even file a claim after they have threatened to simply because they know they will lose and wanted to bully you into a refund before it got to that point.

This buyer wants to return the jeans on the basis they are fake. Regardless of whether or not you state you accept returns, it is still at the SELLER'S discretion. The jeans are clearly not fake, and the picture (although unclear) DOES read 36.

I, personally, would suggest he post them here and find out that they are, in fact, real.

In the future, I suggest you take clearer pictures and include measurements in your listings. You will not lose a PayPal claim because how can he claim the jeans are size 40 when pictures clearly prove otherwise.

You will probably, however, receive a negative feedback. I have received a couple of those because I refused to refund a bratty buyer like this. It is up to you whether or not it is worth it. Since I sell for other people and have often given them the money by the time a claim is opened, it is not worth it to me to refund them for a reason as stupid as this one.
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yeah the guy's a fucking noob when it comes to buying diesel, and i didnt have time to sit on my computer and argue with him every day all damn day so i was just like whatever i dont care, ill sell them to someone else but i have to say im done with ebay though because the seller do not have any rights anymore it seems
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omg i hear so many ebay horror stories. i cant even relate, ive only had the best experience
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know what's funny the guys hasnt sent me my jeans back yet, he was even expecting me to send him his money back first then he would send the jeans, scammer maybe?
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That isn't how it works, even in eBay/PayPal policy. The buyer returns the jeans at his or her own expense, and then receives a refund once the seller verifies he received the proper item in its original condition.
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What happens if the item isn't in its original condition?

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