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Paypal question

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I sold something on ebay. Buyer is from Europe and requested me giving him my paypal address so his friend could pay me because he was only getting the item for his friend. Any risks in doing that? Sounds kinda sketchy to me.
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I would ask for his friend's paypal address and send the invoice to the friend. You would have to ship to the address from whoever's paypal account anyway and since he got the item for his friend, it should ship to him anyway. Did the friend not have an ebay account? That could be the reason why he bid on the item for his friend. I don't know if you should or not, but if you decide to do it, ship via Express with tracking. Just my opinion...wait for others who have more knowledge about ebay/paypal policies.
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I was going to tell him look i sold the thing to you and only we are legally bonded in this thing. You pay me and I only ship to you and after that it's between you and your friend.
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You can pay from any PayPal address for an item. I don't see the issue with this, although I second the suggestion that you use a method w/ tracking and/or insurance.
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I think this is safe. I cant think of an argument that he could come up with that would result in you losing the money in a dispute. Ship EMS obviously..
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Can I ask why EMS? Are they cheaper, safer or what?
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If you want to play it safe, ask the buyer to have his friend send the funds to his PayPal account. Anyway, it seems to me like his friend will refund him...
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Only ship to the adress registered with the PayPal account that payed you. If you ship to a different address and it comes to a claim your chances to win (even if you have tracking and delivery confirmation) tend to be near zero.
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ems is the cheapest way to send a package international and get the tracking. tracking is mandatory so there is proof it was shipped...tracking is the only evidence paypal will look at it there is ever a dispute. and always mail only to the address on the paypal account or they could say you never shipped it.
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