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You can claim that he is scamming YOU instead...that you sent what you claimed and that hes a scammer and wants to keep jeans AND his money back.
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^dude, read the thread
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Originally Posted by w0wieet View Post
yes if you think you are in the right...

worst thing that could happen is paypal deceides in his favor and he has to send you the jeans back before he gets your $$$
which imo WILL NOT happen.
however this will cost you a bad feedback probably... but worth the $$ im sure...

He won't win the Paypal claim.

Saying that you sent pictures outside of eBay won't work for you especially if you can't find the emails that proved that you actually sent out those pictures.

Paypal looks at what's on the auction page when you file your claim it's for "Item significantly not as described" and from what I've seen, those are DEFINITELY significantly different from how they were described on the auction page.

Sooo IMO, he will most definitely Lose. I lost a claim where someone claimed that the jeans were damaged and that's because he bought 72Ds, claimed that they were damaged and felt stiff as if they were starched and ironed... AND that's part of the fricking wash.

Paypal almost seems to Auto-side with Buyers all the time (and a rep told me that Paypal doesn't really like to deal with all that stuff anyhow) and if the buyer could have won in my situation where I had ample pictures and correct description with proper diction, I really see NO Way that jakolin can possibly come out on top in this Paypal Claim.

Just REFUND THE GUY jakolin.
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i know im right but the fact i might loose confuses me and its a waste of time..plus i cant proove i sent those emails,as i didint know it would come to this,i didint know all the tricks and shit that buyers can do..this one is very smart and knows how paypal runs..he has those emails and pics i sent them but showing them to paypal wouldnt make sense thats why hes denying it and claiming he never knew what hes getting..

ill refund him,he said hell ship back the jeans,but if the jeans dont come back im going to be pissed of.i cant even pay for my items i won on ebay since im in minus on my account

but wait in case i decide for him not to send me back the jeans and escalte the claim topaypal decision,does this mean even in case he wins the claim he will still have to return me the jeans?

in this way i might go through this and still hope for the right outcome
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also ,now that he agreed to send me bac the jeans,do i have to click there to end communication and escalte it to paypal claim or just leave it at this and paypal itself will request from him tracking no...do i need to escalte to paypal claim only in case i dont get jeans back and then he has to give paypal the tracking no.
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ive got one question more,i just bought some shirts from usa,the package hasnt arrived yet while other stuff i paid for and were shipped later than this have arrived already..i opened a dispute tried to communicate with the seller but he didint say nothing and obviously escalted the claim to paypal saying he will proove the recepit of the post office that he send this..if he has tracking number and i didint get the package, paypal will see that and i am safe right,logical so i soudltn be worrying about this if i dont get the shirt
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Man, you're too fast in opening disputes...how long have you been waiting for the package?? just communicate before opening a dispute, I would think this kind of behavior is annoying if I were the guy who sold you the shirt.

And all packages don't take the same time to arrive at your home...depends when it has been sent, from where, at what time...keep cool...

From my experience, some packages tooked 5 days from US to france and others 10 days...and sometimes near one month...

Keep cool and COMMUNICATE FIRST to clear things, dispute is the last resort.
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he said he sent them couple of days before 31.12,i communicated with him but here was nor reply plus he was no longer reigstered user on ebay,thats why i started to doubt and just in cae opened the dispute trying to communincate there,but after like couple of days he wihtout communication escalted it ...the stuff from usa never takes more than 14 days to arrive,it been 3 weeks now already thats why i highly doubt he shipped those or they must have gone lost..

anyway the buyer for zathan 784 just replied in the dispute saying he or she shipped the jeans today with hermes insured package..they should arrive on monday latest,if they dont i will escalte it to paypal and have him show the proof shipping
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OK IVE BEEN THINKING...he said he sent hermes imsured,me and a german friend checked the costs,the extra small package with insurance is 8,5o euros but my friend said that he usually sents small package and that there is no way those big jeans could fit into xsmall package...thats when i came up with this: what if inisde that package are not jeans but something i dont know what,just so he can have proof he send it but i can never proove that i didint get the jeans in that package????? is this possible,what are my options then,if i have any at alll????
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YOU will have to SAY that you got YOUR jeans back.
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are you serious!?even if didnt get them in fact..he said he shipped for 8,5 euros with hermes ...german friend told me that that is extra small package for this price and that there is no way that jeans could fit in that tiny small package...
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cant i when i get the package make pictures of it from close up so its seen from ho it is and that its adress to me and just by the size of the packet it can be seen if there could be jeans inside that..after that i could make pics of the packet not opened as whole but just make a hole in it so that it would be clearly seen if theres jeans inside or not..wouldnt i be safe with this..
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And it is posible to fit jeans into Hermes xs packages. Did it severel times myself. And it may take up to seven days to arrive.

If you feel like, take a video with your cell phone e.g.
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Why hasn't this been moved to Ebay & Paypal?

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Probably because this one thread has drawn more traffic than we've had in while but your right it belongs in the eBay section.
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Your right about the traffic!

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