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TR making jumpsuits

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Very fake and removed link

It isn't a true jumpsuit. You can get separate hoodies and pants, but not a set or joined together jumpsuit
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Are those even real? The horseshoes look terrible.

I've never seen a TR jumpsuit, so I dunno...
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HEY IT WAS A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i thought u guys would have known i was joking around with it!!!!!
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I figured it was a joke, but people have bid on "joke" listings so I did not want to risk someone making a mistake. Technically we aren't suppose to put up ebay listings either, even though I am less anal about it in this section.
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o lol i forgot can i throw it bak up with just the pictures then??
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^Go right ahead, that is perfectly fine It is actually better to do that with auth checks and posting fakes.

If it is a 'report fake seller' thread with lots of fake TR's, post the link so other members can help report the listing on ebay. I also encourage anyone to report fake anything on ebay, even if it is only one listing a seller has.
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damn i dont remember the link! they were so funny thu
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