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Can anyone tell me how Dsquared sneakers run? Some say true to size, some say they run a half size big, confused as to what size I should order.
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Calm down! ... and the answer might be yours...

Welcome to HF, by the way.
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I am not quite sure but I hope someone can

help you

edit: more helpful, id imagine like all shoes, it would vary depending on each individual shoe
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Thanks for the welcome..

Talking about these in particular..

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srsly, forget about the sizing and do not buy those shoes...

If you want to spend top dollars, I would recommend Y-3, Y's or Common Projects. Just to name a few high quality sneakers that look decent. Lanvin (older models), Christian Dior and YSL have decent models, too.

And referring to your original question: I do not know about that certain model. But what I heard from people owning D^2 sneakers is just what has been said: Most run tts, some run about half a size big.
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I’m sorry but those are terrible, I totally understand wanting to get into the fast lane, but please the Velcro, stripes on the side and overall aesthetic is more belonging of either the diaper wearing elderly or quantitatively equal shitting- and- pissing- themselves children.
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They would be fine with TR and Don Ed...
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Thanks vonWitzleben for trying to answer based on what you heard of the sizing of D2. Otherwise, I posted the picture of the shoe because someone said above its varies depending on each model, not necessarily for your opinion of the shoe. As I dont really care what you like or wear and didn't ask, I wanted to know about sizing as the title describes.

Not too familiar with this forum, but I imagine by anthony's useless posts, one gets more status from their post count, or maybe your simply that bored and lifeless.
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Oh my god Do NOT Buy those shoes. Seriously those are awful. You'd be better off with a pair of spaldings.

Instead, drop some money for some YSLs, Common Projects, or wings + horns sneakers. For a louder look, go with nike dunks for a fraction of the price.
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Originally Posted by KillCity View Post
maybe your simply that bored and lifeless.
No need to get rude or personal. All so far was just opinions on the pictured shoe and free advice, nothing about your personality.

Just a tip: If you go to the wolves, do not ask about salad dressing.
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Not taking it personal at all. I dont frequent this forum very often, but do know that SOME of the users on here know their stuff. I was saying if I ask a questions about sizing, why does it have to turn into a thread about everything but what I asked? I asked about sizing, not "hey guys what is your opinion of this shoe"

And to prove another point to the guy above who thinks he is the I know all about shoes, and advice with "nike dunks" as if because I am a ""newbie"I know nothing about shoes. Look below and thats just the beginning..


So again, if anyone owns a pair and could let me know if they run true to size, small or large, it would be much appreciated.
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oh dawg you real mad now!

So you own a few pair of nike dunks, great, I don't agree with your choice of shoes here either, but hey as long as you think that is any basis for shoe knowledge. Yeah, screw the amounted decades of shoe craftsmanship, let’s just toss that all out because that is now irrelevant. Made in china flashy dunks is the way to go. Let’s forget good quality leather, lets forget about the sole, why not just get those asian kids to slap some footwear together and call it a day.

Guess I kinda went off topic a bit there, but just going with the flow, yah heard?

You don’t just simply ask a question and expect a black and white answer. This is a discussion forum. We don’t owe you an answer. You already set the mood for some ridicule by posting the same question twice, and in bold. [edit] – didn’t finish my thought. If you ask a question someone may answer, but expect discussion. Expect comments, and if you are lucky, you might even get the answer you were looking for.[/edit] Perhaps we haven’t exactly been fair here, you did not exactly come in here and started trashing shit while flailing those shoes around like a morningstar, but chances are you are speaking to the wrong demographic. Any congregation of people have their own median, a somewhat agreed upon characteristic, in this case aesthetic appeal. Think of it this way: take a small farming town person and put them right into a metropolitan area and you will get the same response.

But to be of some help and hopefully redeem myself from being seen as a huge asshole, vonWilzleben is probably right about the sizing.
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Again that one flew right above your head anthony, and I bet half of the shit you wear including the TV in your living room was made in china. I wasnt throwing pics up of my dunks to get an """ooooh" or an "ahhhh" out of anyone. I posted the pics to say without explaining, I am aware of nike dunks, and all the other shoes mentioned as an alternative to the ones I asked for sizing on. I am asking a simple question about sizing of a shoe. And basically what you are saying is that I may get an occasional answer accompanied by a lot of pointless shit talking, is sad. Surely there is a thread in this forum where you Anthony can show off your elitist attitude, and rant about quality, and whats "cool" according to anthony, and what one should wear and not wear. Anyways anthony, no hard feelings man, you do seem like you provide a very meaningful purpose here on honestforum.com so keep doing your thing "dawg". And I'm not mad at all.
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No, I think that went over your head. I was speaking of your knowledge of shoes. Quality, craftsmanship, materials and so on was just a trait belonging to dunks.

And basically, yes that is exactly what I am saying. Except I wouldn’t call it shit talking, rather I would call it discussion.

I am not by any means pushing my sense of style on you, I am not suggesting what I think is cool, or what you should wear. What’s cool according to anthony isn’t likely to be agreed upon by the majority. I’m just saying: those shoes are ugly. You don't need to wooooohh or waaahhhhhh about.
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You could post pretty much anything by any designer ever and there would be someone who would tell you it was total shit. If you like the shoes, get 'em, and ignore the opinions of the unwashed masses.

As for the exact fit of that style, I'm afraid I can't help you.
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The point is that people on this forum would wear dunks, but nobody would wear those piece of shit dsquareds. You are a fucking retard.

I'm also certain that if somebody posted some shoes that people may not yet wear here, if they were nice we wouldn't rip those shoes. I'm sure there are lots of brands out there that we have yet to hear about or see. Now get in the fast lane and go kill your city.

Also, until you post outfits, I will assume anthony has better style than you.
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^silver: negging every post in this thread (even those that were in fact meant helpful) is just retarded...
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"I'm also certain that if somebody posted some shoes that people may not yet wear here"

"The point is that people on this forum would wear dunks"

Exactly, because "nike dunks" are established by the "unwashed masses" as silver said, and thats why you would wear them. I call people like you hypebeasts. Its approved by others, and hyped therefore you wear it. Ive been collecting dunks many many years before bandwagon jumpers like you showed up to say they are "loud" and cool. Style is about indivdulaity, not wearing what the next man does because it is an approved brand or style. My opinon of these shoes hasn't changed because it wasn't a hit on this forum, I could give a flying fuck.

And Im not in some male fashion competiton so I could care less what anyone else wears, I wear what I like. And lets say you did agree another person had better style, in the grand scheme of things does your petty little opinion really even matter? Not even a little. So my friend, you are the fucking retard, and again if you were to state your opinion that you think they are ugly, and actually answer the question at the same time about the size, which is why I started this thread, you may have served some purpose on this forum.

Go Huskies!!
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I think "loud" is not really a compliment on this forum. At least for most. And most of the forum members I know do not wear dunks at all.
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I don't get the velcro straps personally. The last time I wore velcro-strapped shoes, Guns and Roses had not too long released Appetite for Destruction.
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Yeah, this is true, Id say that was probabaly the last time I saw some wicked corny jordache jean style embroidery like the kind that are on the back pockets of the Zathan 70M in your wanted list, super manly bro.
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70M doesn't have embroidery, you must mean 70C, which has not one flying fuck to do with the shoes. Don't try to get into the unnecessary mudslinging, it gets you nowhere. My comment had nothing to do with the fact that it was the 80s that I last wore velcrostrapped shoes...it has to do with the fact that I was a child when I wore them.

Since you say that they either run TTS or a 1/2 size large, why don't you just get your normal size. that way... if they do run a 1/2 size large, all you would need is an insert and the 1/2 size difference would be taken care of.
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Just because something is worn/not worn on this forum doesn't make it cool/not cool hyped/not hyped. Just because it is loud/not loud doesn't make it necessarily bad/good.

However, I can unabashedly say that those particular shoes are hard to defend in any capacity. Wear what you like I certainly do. I can't put my finger on what specifically has "it". I think "it" is what we come here for really in the end?
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tl;dr : bawwwwwwwwwwww bawwwwwwwwwww
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