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Revick 72L

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Does anyone have worn pictures of these or know how they run? I wear a 33x34 in most Diesel jeans. What size should I stick with? Could I fit in a 32 length?

Also, just out of curiosity, does anyone know of any place online or overseas that still has these? I have found two places, Yoox and Diabro, that carry them, but both have sizes that are probably out of reach for me.
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*Awaits CUTUP*
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Originally Posted by flipcydesae View Post
*Awaits CUTUP*
Ha, all this interest in Revick I love it

I can give you worn pics later tonight after work, they tend ot reun a bit longer then the standard Diesel inseam ( my 32s were more like 33.5s almost 34s)

You can sag these very easily, so you would be safe with a 32, if its just shy of what you nomally wear you can sag them.

I dont know of anyone that still stocks these, MaximVicky was almost giving them away at $140 plus shipping before, but she has since dissapeared. I will try and get pics up for you tonight, alhtough I wear a 30 waist, you can still get an idea of how they will fit
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What's up with the catchall "sag 'em" advice I've been hearing on HF lately? I don't get it.
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Originally Posted by Grondie View Post
What's up with the catchall "sag 'em" advice I've been hearing on HF lately? I don't get it.
I find ( like many other members) find that some of the guys here tend to pull up their jeans too high, to the point that they get man moose-knuckle and the backside shots make them look way too tight around the rear

I gave the sag advice just from the point of view that if the inseam was a bit short, you can easily sag them to make up for some of the length, and the cut will still look good sagged

Heres a really bad worn pic blue8888blue, my camera sucks. I would stick with whatever size fits you a little snugly, as these do stretch out at least a half size or so depending on how itght you wer them.

I know the shoes dont go with them, but I have been dying to wear them, as it has been too cold and damp for me to bust out my lighter summer denim. The damn CPS ahve been sitting in a box unworn since I got them

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I guess I could try ordering the 32x32 pair from Yoox and return them if they aren't long enough. I just hesitate to spend any amount of money on a pair of jeans when they aren't my size...I always end up not liking them
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man, i think i like the cut better than safado. i need to go down to beverly center to try on some revicks~
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