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my modded thanaz 71bs

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So, I got pretty bored with these and decided to experiment with them. I spent a total of maybe 5 - 10 hours playing with these making sure everything stayed subtle but stood out. All of the holes are reinforced with dark denim stitched on the inside. I made the them a little dirty with some charcoal and ink. Ironed it in. I did some bleach work making the whiskers a little heavier. I bleached all the abrasions making them as white as possible. I'm not entirely sure of the proper lingo to say what I did, but i just thought I'd post to get some opinions to see if I totally destroyed these or if I gave them more life, at least for a more "vintage" look...

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Can we get before/after pictures?
Worn pictures?
Good job!
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whiskers look nice. what kind of bleach work did you do to them ?
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thats cool man...
i like...i might do that with my zathan 71j...one day...mine look cool...just nuthin crazy..
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yeah, im also curious how the bleaching process works...
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sweet, nice work man
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now you can charge $500+ for them
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how do you make "good" holes on your jeans?
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really nice work
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Originally Posted by pogodimi View Post
now you can charge $500+ for them
nah first he needs blue embroidered stitching and lightning bolt patches ect.
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real nice job, they look great!
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Yep. I like'em. but more holes dude
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I think they look pretty sweet- be careful with doing too much to them though; too many holes looks.. well, just shitty. There's definitely a balance on the wear level and I'd say your damn close to "just right".
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they look good though I would not have personally ripped up the pockets as much...creative...
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I don't understand why people like blatant lap whiskers on their jeans.

5-10 hrs is quite a range. I hope it was closer to 5.
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way to exaggerate the whiskers lol. nice attempt
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What Happened to this cat ?? Why is he banned ?
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There is a thread about it. He kept selling in the mall even though there were problems with his first transactions and he was asked by the staff to stop using the mall. CUTUP said it would be a three day ban because he ignored that. But that three days must be already through. Idk what happend, was asking myself the same question, as he is contributing and activ.

BTW: one of the problematic transaction involved me and turned out nicely in the end.
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he had threatened to defraud other members, and there might have been other silly stuff that i can't remember.
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in my opinion,the back pockets are too heavy ripped...
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He wasn't supposed to be selling in the mall because of previous complaints regarding older transactions, but he continued to sell anyway. The final straw was him threatening to keep another members money and jeans.
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The only thing I dont get is, if he was not supposed to use the mall, why in gods name wasnt that prevented on the server side? That should not have been as hard as turning water into wine, does it?
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I think he was selling outside the mall
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I only asked, cos he's been asking for 71B's ! that's all.
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