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what is this sweater

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anyone know or where can i get a similar one:

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why am i not surprised that the sweater in question is disgusting?
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1. whats disgusting is your too tight jeans and your bald

2. i didnt ask for (epecially your) opinion how the sweater looks like

3. im starting to hate this forum because of people like you,i usually didnt comment back on yours or anyone elses such comments(waste of time losing words and arguing)

so anyone who can help me with the sweater is welcome to reply i dont need opinions how does it look like if you do anyhow write that, then please write at least something like this:

im not liking the sweater,there are beter cardigans out there or SUCH..
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i saw something similar at karmaloop.. i think the brand was kr3w but i can't find it anymore. it was hooded but it had the epaulets.
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I've seen something like this from Juicy and Burberry in the 08 winter collections
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