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Fake or real Zathan Diesel jeans?

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I am not certain if these pants are authentic or not, I would like to verify their authenticity before I make the purchase. Any feed back would be appreciated, thanks! (I apologize for the earlier post with the missing pictures)

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those are fakes in my "opinion"

bad fakes at that
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How did you know?

What are the tell tale signs that these are fakes? Are these chinaXXXXXXX quality fakes? Any info. would be helpfulfor future reference.

thnx any ways and I apreciate the help.
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i don't want to make any declarations on these.
the pictures are too blurry.

get a shot of the microstitching on the tag...then we'll talk.

chinaXXX = fakes. stay away.

rock on.
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are they suppose to be 772?

Well they look like horrible 772 replicas see the faded blotches? on real 772 wash its not just a stain its a type of rip. Also the whiskering is not right and there is not enough wear on the bottom of the back pockets. IF these are authentic thats IF then they are very bad irregulars. I have gotten irregulars before where the rips didnt actually get done they were just marked similar to those in the pictures. if you are buying irregulars like that you honestly shouldnt pay more than 18.00 for them. Just my 2 cents.
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www.jeansoutlet-usa.com = FAKE products


It's all fake. I bought a pair of Diesel Larkee but I got a pair of FAKE Diesel jeans.


WARNING!! - Never ever buy anything from www.jeansoutlet-usa.com


See mail conversation between me and jeansoutlet below:



I recieved the jeans yesterday and it was FAKE!
It was no Diesel Larkee.....



hello customer,

thanks for your message.we have many  regular customers ,thay ecen want to buy the second,pls do not worry about the quality of it. thanks in advance




I don't care if you have millions od customer.
The jeans I recieved was FAKE.

It was NOT Diesel Larkee !!!



Hello Customer,

Thank you for your message. This is the first time we receive such a problem.Would you pls send us the detail pictures of the order which you receive,plus the ems no. on the package.etc so that we will check it for you .

thank you for your assistance.




The ems.no is EE504767922CN.
I send 2 pictures of the jeans I received from you.
I already have 5 pair of Diesel jeans and I have 1 par of Larkee 008AT so I know that the pair I got from you i Fake!



Dear customer,

Thanks for your offering us the picture.Please don't worry,we will help you check it and reply you asap,thanks very much! Best wishes!


Dear customer,

Thanks for your message.we have checked it for you .we would like to tell you that we sent what you ordered,

It will look nice on you pls do not worry.if you do not like it you can sent to your friend or family as gift or you can sell to someone like it,we will give you a discount on your next order?as you know,if you return to us,during the posting will be more risk and maybe lost,at that time, you will lost more.

The pictures on our website are for reference only.Little difference is normal.Hope you can understand.

hope you can consider again?

nice day 



Are you serious?? Do you really think I would buy another pair of FAKE jeans from you??
And NO...I don't understand. Little difference...you can't be serious!?
I will let the world know!!!!!
I think you know Facebook and Twitter!
Information can be spread all over the world and within a couple of weeks millions of people will know that jeansoutlet selling FAKE products.

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