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Question about flats

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Would you consider black patent flats an ok everyday flat or would you go with regular black flats?

And is patent ok for all seasons or a no no? Just curious on everyone's opinion.
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i think patent is 'trendy' and should be dressed up for the most part.. so i'd go with matte black flats

i have a pair from aldo that i replace every 6 months. similar to these: BLACKPOOL - Women's City Fashion Shoes for sale at ALDO Shoes. but with a knot design on the toe.
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you could always get something that's a mix if you're undecided. i've had a pair of the chanel classic cap-toe flats for a while that i wear quite a bit. Shiny patent toe, and the rest of the shoe is matte black leather. they match nearly everything and never look outdated or 'out of season'.

there's also these lanvin ones that have caught my eye. can't seem to find a photo of the all-black version for you right now but they're half satin half patent leather:
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