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Genetic Denim

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I mostly wear SFAM, but lately, I have wanted to try Genetic Denim. I am curious about sizing. Does Genetic Denim sizing run similarly to SFAM?

I found some lovely styles at chickdowntown.com, and I placed an order for one pair (Ol Vintage). I know I will want to try more, but before I do, I would love to hear more about sizing in the different cuts/washes.

On a side note, does anyone have experience with chickdowntown.com? I read some scary reviews online, and after not being able to reach customer service for almost a week now, I am worried. I ran a search on this site, and I found a few positive comments, so I feel hopeful ...
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Genetic Denim is one of my favs! Most of it runs tts, but def size down if you are getting the dominant style.
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Thanks! I am so excited to try them!
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I've seen some pairs I would love to try as well!! Thanks Mopritt
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