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Originally Posted by RyderLA View Post
So someone sent me a link for a pair of Trouleg 8BI on ebay france. I've since lost the item track on my ebay but if I remember right the sellers name was webbastian if anyone can link me to this sellers page or that item it'd be much appreciated!
It's webbastien and here is the link (no trouleg found in ebay listing).

eBay Feedback Profile for webbastien
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Can't let this thread die, so here is bumb for a bad-ass cut.
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So, I am wondering about what happened/is going to happen to all the pairs manufactured for the re-release. I wouldn't think that Diesel would just destroy them ... perhaps they will be sent to outlets?
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Originally Posted by Cez1029 View Post
Can't let this thread die, so here is bumb for a bad-ass cut.
but why are there not that much WAYWT posts from Trouleg wearers? I also like the cut a lot.
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Had to check this thread on my brief visit. Ill see about diggin up some pics and posting what I can find soon.
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maybe the new Diesel creative director will bring back Trouleg in an attempt to right wrongs done under the Diesel name in the past few years
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Isn't reyhan the new trouleg?
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If you were the new Diesel creative director I bet you would attempt to make Diesel cutting edge again not by going back to past models and washes but rather to push the boundaries for new ideas; new cuts and washes in jeans. I would also kill the "Black Gold" concept…I believe they started that to help capture the older-age market. As an older person I can always find normal Diesel items that I like, and still not look like I am "trying too hard" or look like and older person trying to dress too young. Perhaps the new creative director will use this site as part of Diesels market research efforts. Certainly most people on this site are purest for Diesel and offer their opinions with fervor and great detail.
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Keith2, most HF members only recognize Diesel for their denim. The “Black Gold” line is light years ahead of the standard Diesel products; except the denim.

There is less branding in the “Black Gold” line. Take a look at the back pockets on the pants/denim, they are nice and simple; the way it should be. I would like to see Diesel offer more washes and sizes in the “Black Gold” pants/denim line.

The “Black Gold” line is more cutting edge than the standard Diesel product. Age has nothing to do with it. This is Diesels higher end line. I own quit a few of the “Black Gold” products. I also have products from the other so-called high-end brands. Quality v cost their sweaters and knitwear are second to none.

"We were pioneers in introducing premium denim to the luxury world and now we are ready to define a new concept of prêt-à-porter," said Renzo, Diesel's president and founder. "Diesel Black Gold is an exclusive collection dedicated to those looking for the unpredictable Diesel spirit blended with a sophisticated individual style."
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Thanks etgreg. Your points are pretty solid. I'll more closly at the Black Gold. I like many Diesel Sweatshirts/Jackets etc however, like you point out, too much branding. G-star has some great jackets as well but goes way over the top on branding.
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I think Diesel has used Black Gold to address a direction that they couldn't really do under the Diesel tent. Diesel has a positive, flippant, cheeky thing going on and Black Gold is a more severe, "forward and directional" undertaking.

They're not really addressing young/old - they're just catering to a wider range of tastes by splitting the Diesel bucket into two separate piles that wouldn't really make sense if they were intermingled.

Will be very interesting to see where Bruno Collin is going to take the brand. From the sound of things, Diesel really will be changing gears. The past few seasons have been really off the mark, so I see this news as a great thing.
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Does the black gold line only come in 32 length? I was looking at PAIRONSH 8E5 and that's what the guy told me at the Melrose Flagship store.
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Trouleg 8FR

Never new these existed.

Big fan of the cut and the wash.

DIESEL ITALIAN DARK BLUE TROULEG JEANS SIZE 29 BNWT on eBay (end time 15-Feb-10 16:54:27 GMT)
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news to me as well.
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Is the new Zhav model the trouleg successor?
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Doesn't seem like it. Diesel lists them as a "comfort" fit, and looking at photos they break at the knee. Seems more like a Zatiny with a higher rise and maybe slightly more relaxed thigh.
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Yeah, Zhav looks to be the new Zaf/Zaghor.
It seems like Reyhan is the REAL trouleg successor.
Has anyone had any experience with this cut yet?
The 8YM looks sexy imo.
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I was looking at Reyhans but not like the corduroy. Are their any Reyhan washes with out the corduroy at the waist?
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^why posting in the trouleg thread?
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