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Silly Ebay!

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THis might ebay's lamest attempt yet at pretending to support ebay sellers:

NEW! Say goodbye to negative Feedback due to customs
We've taken steps to help protect sellers who ship globally from negative or neutral Feedback due to customs delays or customs fees. We'll now remove negative or neutral Feedback as long as your listing includes a clear message to buyers and the negative and neutral clearly calls out customs was the reason for the Feedback.
So, if the neg feedback states that "shipping took 3 weeks", that wont be grounds for removal even if seller can prove they shipped promptly after payment?
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On the one hand...

Yes, as long as you can really document in black and white that you've shipped the item promptly after payment, that the package really got stuck at customs ( Should be difficult, since it also could have got stuck at your post office or in traffic... ) and if you've really pointed out in your listing that you don't claim responsibilty for any costums matters, that new rule should indeed come into effect....

On the other hand...

"Shipping took 3 weeks" doesn't clearly calls out that customs difficulties and a hence deffered delivery was crucial for the negative feedback...

Result: Complicated....

Question: Are you the seller/victim ?
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Tee, exactly. I am neither seller nor buyer. When I received this supposedly "great news" in my email today from ebay , it just struck me as pointless and ridiculous. How many sellers are really going to benefit from this? very rarely does a buyer clearly mention customs in a negative feedback. If a package arrives late, they will just neg claiming that it took too long. If a buyer is mad that they got charged fees through customs, they are unlikely to enter that in the neg feedback. My point is that ebay could have done a better job if they really wanted to implement something like this.
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True that, Leesa !

They really did draw up that new "glorious idea" in a haphazard manner. Typical...

Well, maybe they'll come up with a form or something, where sellers have the chance to ask buyers to confirm AFTERWARDS/ADDITIONALY that it was a customs problem, even though they didn't mentioned it clearly in their negative feedback, even though i guess that only a very few buyers would be that fair...

Ebay situation normal, all fucked up !
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ive never had a bad ebay experience. is this rare ors omething?
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^^i cant see your pics so i dont know if you are joking ... but i think you must be
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I'm still selling once in a while on ebay, and I had customers complaining and trying to get their money back because of customs fees and delays.

This will help the honest sellers.
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