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Easier Way?

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Is there an easy way to post pictures from ebay to threads? I have been saving each picture then uploading them to photobucket. Not that I'm lazy it's just kind of a pain
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I think you can click the mountain looking/insert image button on the HF textbook, right click your mouse hit copy link location on the ebay picture, and enter the webpage link from the picture in the insert image popup.
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I just copy & paste..
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Just copy and paste? Wow... thanks! I can't believe i never tried that!
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{img} {/img} and the url of the picture of itself but instead of { use [
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Haha I still think copy & paste is easiest! If the picture has right click protection, just highlight it with the mouse and use ctrl+c to copy and ctrl+v to paste.
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I just assumed that's what everyone else used...

Oooho ballin'. That took me twenty seconds
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Sweet- I never thought of just coping and pasting
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haha, i'm lazy from the start!
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just use filefrog.net they'll give you the code right after you upload best thign about it is that your dont have to sign up or sign in to upload unless you want to later go back and delete that picture
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