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ssense sale

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there having a sale that ends tonight. there are still some items, that remain from the sale however they remain expensive. in the past i got burnt by buying things on sale that were even further reduced just weeks after purchase.

im curious to know if anyone remembers, if in the past whether or not ssense has put up other sales after the usual sale around this time, on alot of the remaining clearance items. im looking for a pair of boots that are still expensive with the sale, they come out to above 400, and im not sure whether or not to pull the trigger.
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I remember them last year starting at around %25 or %30, and then once almost everything was gone they reduced some of the items even further ( the regualr reduced had blue borders, and the insanely reduced had red borders)

Mind you they started at a whopping %40 off this year, even on already reduced items, so who knows how far they can go???

Even if they do get reduced further it wont be by much IMO
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