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7 For All Mankind A Pocket Size 28 - eBay (item 260339067590 end time Jan-05-09 09:51:49 PST)

She had a pair of Ginger's go super-cheap. I bid, but as they weren't my size anyway I didn't try too hard. I think these might actually be too big, but I couldn't resist!
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What a great deal
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What a great price!
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They came yesterday and they are so beautiful!!! The only thing is, they might a teensy bit too short. They might work with flip flops, but I think they are too pretty to just wear with flip flops. Hmm, what to do!!
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There must be something wrong with my computer. I can't see the pics of you in the jeans.
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LOL You are so awesome! Ok, I will take some today and post on Monday!
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If they are too short, save them for 'tucked into boots during winter' jeans. =)

I have several pairs that I just have for that. Hard to pass up a nice deal like that.
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Hmm, I used to be able to just attach photos but now I can't? WASSAP? lol
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nice deal.
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Ok, I hope I do this correct.

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They look absolutely gorgeous on you Julie!

OT but is there a special reason why you are only wearing 1 flip-flop?
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LOL!! Thank you so much!!

I was trying to get opinions on if they looked too short to wear with flip flops.

I seriously need to get a cute pair of boots to wear over them. I had a perfect pair picked out, but they sold out of my size.
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OK...! That's what I thought afterwards, . Honestly I think they are perfect for flip-flops, they might also be cute with (ballerina) flats
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Ok, what's the deal with flats?? How come I cannot find a pair that I really like?? Argh! Is there a label that makes really cute ones? I am determined to find a pair this summer! LOL I think I need to move from jeans to shoes! HA!!
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Those are so pretty and I think they are great with flip flops. I love how your puppy is giving us a booty shot, too.
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LOL yeah, I had to take every picture twice because he kept running into them. I finally had to press the button, toss his blankie so he'd chase it, then get into pose. He's so funny!

Thank you both for your assurance!!
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I don't post much in the SFAM section, but I had to post in this one. In that side profile of yours, the jeans fit you PERFECTLY. I agree that look great with the flip flops and would look great with ballet flats as well.
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Thank you thank you, that is so sweet!!! I am now on a mission to find some flats!
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