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Auth. Check

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I just bought these because of the low price I'm pretty sure they are real but I need confirmation.

7 FOR ALL MANKIND - Flare Cut Jeans 29X32 *VGC* - eBay (item 120355538526 end time Jan-01-09 18:59:09 PST)

Also does the hem look a little strange to anyone else?

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Um, Ive seen a lot of fakes in that back pocket and those are in no way "MENS" jeans.
Also the hem looks odd b/c those are a womens trouser jean. Good Luck though
If you meant to get mens jeans explain you were mislead and you should be given an immediate refund.
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Those don't look like boys jeans..
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They have them on the listing as mens and with his handle I just figured.
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Are they are womes then? Thats what i thought at first but dismissed it because I'm no expert. If they are womens I will ask for a refund as it says they are mens jeans. (I hate things that are too good to be true)
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Oh and thank you!
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Those are nasty fakes.
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They are based on womens dojos
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Crap! So now they are fake womens!? I was thinking about reselling them. Oh well.
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Now that I know all this what should I do?
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You should tell the seller that they are fake and ask for a full refund.
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Sometimes when you say things are fake sellers get all huffy so just say you were mislead by the fact they were listed as mens. Then if they give you shit add oh and by the way you not only tryed to sell me womens jeans but you tryed to sell me fake womens jeans and I will be reporting your actions to ebay if I am not refunded, That should do the trick, good luck.
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Alrighty! Thanks a ton for all the help Fortunately I have't even paid yet.
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Those are nasty
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Originally Posted by kylefox101 View Post
Alrighty! Thanks a ton for all the help Fortunately I have't even paid yet.

I you haven't paid, definitely don't pay. Next time, first have them authenticated here before you buy them
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I will I found them last second and thought "What a steal!"
Never again. The seller was very polite though.
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what the hell....I'm surprised bidding got so high for those. This is clearly someone who doesn't know what he's selling and has probably gotten away with this same kind of thing in the past. You should say something because its people like him who screw it for all of us becasue people start to get skeptical and very unsure about bidding in general.
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