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7 for all Mankind OR not?

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There were bought for my daughter quite awhile ago as a Bday gift.
She has lost weight and decided she wanted to put them on ebay. She curious to know if these are the REAL deal? Thanks for all your help.
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Hi, yes they are real
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Thanks for replying! Would you know what style they are or where I could find out? Both of us, are new to this and don't have a clue. She is trying to get an idea what to ask for a starting bid. She def knows the won't get much since they have be WORN alittle beyond comfort Thank you Again!
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Agree, real
Heck, a 30? I'll take 'em
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They look like MNE (medium new york). Classic wash, but the way things are you probably won't get a lot for them and they are easily available
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Again Thanks for your help! I figured starting them off @ .99 would be fair. They do need patchwork in one spot. BUT heck someone good with sewing and creative could fix them right up and give them more YEARS of wear. They are not a total loss cause
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I have a pair exactly like those, and they are the most comfortable jeans I own!
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