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yeah not racist/derogatory* at all, thats like saying caucasion* is racist or Native-American
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Originally Posted by j1n1i14 View Post
mulatto is a very derogatory term, so if there's anyone who has made this thread lock-able, it's you.
Sigh... I usually stay out of this crap, but I think what Jennifer means is that this word is now antiquated and considered derogatory by many. There are other words that could be descriptive, but most people try to choose the ones without negative connotations. When the word is misspelled it is even more cringeworthy. In this day and age it is somewhat equivalent to referring to me as colored.
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then wth you say?? anything else would be worse, i always call my buddy mulato* i need to learn how to spell it. he NEVER gets offended, not the slightest bit. this world is just getting to fuckin angry. but if i put a white pride hat on like the natives in my city do. id get my ASS WOOPED. and im not saying that in a superior way at all.

Edit: rather not start this thread on a racist rant
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This thread looks like it is going to get ugly, so I am locking it now.
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