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frustrated with sizing!!

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Hi all~~~

i've been a lurker for the last couple of years couldn't help stopping by to admire all your pretty designer denim derrieres...

anyhoo... i've got a pair of NYD dojos in 29 and a pair of NYD bootcuts in 29 that fit me perfectly, even though the bootcut's a bit on the loose side. So i recently decided to indulge in a couple of pairs of straight legs to sort of 'urge' me into losing some weight..lol, so i bought 2 pairs of straight legs, one in LA dark and one in black both in size 28.

Now, i've always been around size 28 generally in most brands... but i couldn't pull these 2 pairs up my hips!!!! they were stuck around my hips!!

what gives?? i was told the straight legs were pretty much the exact cut and sizing as the bootcuts??

or maybe its because i carry my extra weight in my thighs and i couldn't pull them up? but my other jeans fit fine...

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to HF!!

Sizing mainly depends on the wash in combination with the style. I'm a TTS 30 and have Sevens in sizes 29-32 that all fit me the same... You can not assume that you will always need the same size because it's the same brand
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I'm a tts 30, also. what sizes of sevens work best in what fit for us?
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thanks tweetybird!! so hard to buy jeans unseen....
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Originally Posted by mopritt View Post
I'm a tts 30, also. what sizes of sevens work best in what fit for us?
I depends on the wash really...
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