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I've compiled a pretty good list of major ebay sellers, and whether or not their Diesels or Sevens are authentic/fake. If you have questions about a seller, feel free to ask me. I will constantly be updating the list, but I am reluctant to post the whole list here. I am pretty sure the list is reliable, I went to extreme measures to verify information about each seller:


I looked at the pictures and the "sellers other items", some pictures could be blatantly obvious. I noted the ones I found suspisous.

I asked every seller on the list to send me a close-up of the microstitching, and noted which sellers 1) ignored my email, 2) was unable to come up with a picture 3) sent it back with a fake tag 4) sent it back and everything was good.

I looked through every sellers negative/neutral feedbacks, including the ones that were mutually withdrawn. I noted any sellers who had neg/neutral feedbacks about selling fakes. I also noted the fb % next to each seller.

I looked through the sellers' feedback, and, through completed items, contacted some of the sellers' previous buyers, asking them questions about the jeans. Seems that some buyers who left a positive fb bought fakes without realizing it or not knowing at the time how to tell the difference. I noted these sellers.


From this information, I believe I have a pretty solid basis for which sellers sell authentics, based on feedback, customer support, customer satisfaction, and just a general hunch based on the pictures. So, if at any time you have questions about a seller, feel free to ask me and I'll let you know what info I have on him/her if that seller is on my list. If not, I will do some research and add the seller. Please note I mainly stuck to sellers who seemed to sell feverently on ebay, not those who would sell one or two old pairs of jeans that they didn't wear anymore.