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All Saints sizing?

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AllSaints | AllSaints Clothing Online Store

I found couple items that I'd like purchase, never bought from them before. According to their sizing chart, it seems pretty slim?

Any input is welcome.
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I've always thought their stuff comes up large. I've had tshirts from them in a medium and they have been huge. Let me know what you are interested in as there is one of their stores near where I work and I can check out the sizing for you
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Yeah I'd second that. I wear a Medium in most everything and everything I ordered fit way too big. In some I'd need a small and others actually an xs. I think their stuff looks a lot cooler on the website than in person too. Definitely go down one size. I ordered a cardigan in m and it was too big, then again in small and it was also still too big so I just gave up.
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thank you guys, since they only offer size small in most styles for guys, I guess i will have to pass.....
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I have to agree with Matthew - a lot of their stuff looks ok online but is crap irl
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