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Likerish Jacket

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should i keep it? if yes, black or blue?

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Fit seems a little wonky between the chest and midsection doesnt it? Seems like it's pulling at the pits/chest. I dig the sleeves but it kind of makes you look like you have a belly.
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Agree- It kind of looks like it is pulling a bit.
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u mean it's too long?
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no i mean it's too tight in the chest/pits
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oh.. well sizing up is not an option for me because the sleeves will be way too long.. seems like i should just sell them both
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The fit isn't good. The sleeves are long, but loose - I don't know how this fits you pit-to-pit but it appears like you should size down.
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I've never come across a Diesel jacket that fits decently. This one is terrible. Way too baggy around the belly and pulling at the chest. Return it.
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What size is it? Looks to me like it may be a little big...you could probably size down one unless you really do have a larger midsection (not trying to be mean).
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