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Safado 73J!

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Diesel | Diesel Safado 73J Straight Jean at ASOS

I like it, but I don't know what to think of the back pockets... Anyone saw them irl yet?
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model = ucla guy
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How come everytime I see a diesel model he needs to size down like 4?
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tabacco stitching kills these IMO
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here are some pics of the one i just got
(i must admit that 95% of the 73J i saw were like if a bird just shitted on them, with al the white thingy and all, but those are fine i think)

tell me what u think
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In terms of wash thats a pretty clean pair^^
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ye, i didnt want one with hole everywhere and "white thingy" everywhere too
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Back pockets are gross, otherwise they look decent IMO.
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Back pockets are 1000x better than anything with dragons or T-Rexes on it
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I want one, but i guess it is not for America. I do want a 73j but zatiny and viker 73j sucks so i want this safado badly.
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i can maybe get you one if u want? send me a pm if interested
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how do these run though? are they bigger than other safado? I heard that 73j runs one size bigger.
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mm nop, i have the same size than in all my other safado's
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i tried them on ,they didint seem anything special to me,the back pocket isnt that good imo, looks better on thanaz or viker and not on safado or zatiny
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just saw there is slammer 73J too, but dont have any picture
its regular pocket, and without stitching of w/e
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I think these don't look that bad. This wash definitely looks much better on a straight leg pair like these safados IMO
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Savez vous ou je peux l'acheter en 27w ou en 28w

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Why bump this old thread ?The last message was posted in '08.

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