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straight thread is best thread on hf
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Originally Posted by kray View Post
anne hathaway is too much of a plane jane

plus she sent her b/f to prison.

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are those color contacts or are they legit? ^^
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thats the skank who dates that guy from 90210 yea they're legit.
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Are we talking jennifer conolly NOW or in career opportunities? Why does this matter? I let these images do the talking:

Altho, yes, Zoeey does have very pretty eyes:


But I would argue that Fairuza Balk has much hotter eyes:

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Fauruza balk not my cup of tea I would prefer Milla Jovovich
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I think theres no contest between Zooey and Fairuza.. Zooey FTW easily.
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This thread should be pinned
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I was just comparing EYES. This is a better shot:

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Kim Kardashian. /thread
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Mila is too skinny.
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ur too skinny.
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skinny chicks need love too
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kardashian is trash.. and fairuza still loses to zooey.
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Dude they get the most love. Please.
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Chill out. I was only joking. I can appreciate women of all shapes and sizes.
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def zooey.

i fell for her in Stranger Than Fiction... <3
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Uhh she was in that? I thought that was Maggie Gyllenhaal.

She's got potential but nothing compare to Zo

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however... i raise myself:

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kristen stewart is turning into the quite the little bombshell
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Ok.. I liked her in Into the Wild... her little scraggly white trash character but there is something about her face that turns me off.. Something about that structure steers her out of my "type."
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