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Mihalis, +1 for Hedi and Christian. I hate to admit that Christian was a huge inspiration in my early days of fashion but its true. Nobody wears a tie-less suit like that man.

I've been watching The Mentalist and the main character Patrick Jane wears three pieces so well. Makes me want to buy a few but I know I'll never wear em

They're both an example of what I wish I could wear, but don't have the lifestyle to pull it off without looking like a douche.
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Originally Posted by TequilaOHHHHbaby View Post
He's got steaze....his style is way better than his music which is so derivative and generic

*ETA* I should add that his style is derived from Hendrix
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Regina! I love her. She is kind of an anachronism, thus the reason I love her so much.

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Originally Posted by Mihalis View Post
karl lagerfeld because his awesome snobbery. i mean he has a fuckin' coke butler.
it would be a whole lot cooler if he had a cocaine butler
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Originally Posted by jskidder View Post
it would be a whole lot cooler if he had a cocaine butler
lol, that was actually the first thing I thought when he said coke butler.
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^^^^ first rule of the street:
never trust anyone with your drugs
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Miroslava Duma

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Anja Rubik and Kate Moss

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^the dude in the kate moss pic also has great style. he's the dud from the kills in case anyone didn't know.
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^ i was actually looking at his boots when she first posted that pic. really cool but too big of a heel
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Okay, so, I guess for the last few years I've liked how this guy dressed quite a bit, mostly his lovable character on the greatest television series ever:

But, that being said, I have spent the last few months weaning myself off of slim shirts, pants and denim in general to abruptly become an acolyte of the greatest religion there is...

Oh boy...
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Disregard the guy wearing a slim shirt and jeans in that last picture because he should be pushed into the lake and fed to fratty fish or something.
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i think shes adorable and her style is simple yet fun...
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The O.C. was definatly one of the best shows of all time!
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This picture that vagabond posted a while ago really captured my style ideal

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The shopbop/chickdowntown lookbooks are pretty dece

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