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Style inspiration

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Borrowing the idea from stylezeitgeist and other forums, I think we should have our own.

The deal is simple, post pics of ppl, outfits, scenes, whatever inspires your fashion sense and potential future purchases.

I will post mine when I get home and am very interested to see what you guys got.
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This thread delivers.


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First and foremost... my dad.

Brian Eno and David Bowie. No women, pathetic, huh?

Wait! Frida Kahlo, although it's more her spirit than the way she dressed.
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Joy Division:

This is probably how I'd ideally like to dress at this point in my life if I had the time/money to get the correct stuff. In terms of suits/formalwear, JFK is my idol.
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^^ Nice, well at least you're not hiding.!!! Good movie too though.
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nice pics! Keep them coming!
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great idea Sean! this should be fun.....

Jenny already mentioned one of my style icons: Bowie
she took Eno, I'll take Ferry

J your dad has Steve McQueen steaze...another of my icons

this guy is the epitome of classy cool

I saw this recently and just dug the pic

I love this look for chicks

I'll post more....................
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Bowie, Eno, and Ferry are all awesome.
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Actually Bryan Ferry is another, I love him. Eno was very androgynous and I actually dressed like him more often .
Sonic,I knew Steve Mcqueen, he was a friend of the family. Which reminds me of a woman that I always admired and was so beautiful in person! Ali McGraw when she was married to Steve when I was a teenager.

She did Chanel ads as well before I knew her.
Obviously I don't resemble her in the least. It caused me great distress.
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Love means never having to say your sorry
She and Ryan O'Neill were the perfect couple

I don't try to emulate his style. I couldn't if I tried but I do try to have the inner self confidence that Jimi oozed....he was just sooo fuckin' cool
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here are some of mine:

and of course, my avatar.
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Under construction...

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dopamine: fuck ya JD is awesome
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another cool dude

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Originally Posted by ryanduke View Post

dopamine: fuck ya JD is awesome
You know it! I'm a big fan of how a lot of British bands dress. The Kooks, for example:

I will hopefully be going to London for a summer abroad program, and if the exchange rate stays favorable, I may be able to pick up some decent apparel while I'm there .
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Interpol..namely the guitarist Daniel Kessler (middle left). I love that suit.

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I have an enormous folder of images... theres not much cohesion to it, but heres one of the more interesting ones, Dream from Neil Gaiman's sandman.

I guess more than anything its the story.
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Originally Posted by ryanduke View Post
Interpol..namely the guitarist Daniel Kessler (middle left). I love that suit.

That looks like the fit for Brooks Brothers Black Fleece with a wider lapel. (Basically Thom Browne but not as extreme with non-short retarded legs)
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Cary Grant:

Tom Cruise (yes, really):

Afrika Bambaataa:

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very interesting style inspiration, *Tee*
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^^ Ryan: You should get that mustache like Carlos Dengler . He's a bassist right ?

Dopamine: The Kooks are alright. Very posh band though.

I guess we do try to look like our fav. bands !!

Kings Of Leon (like their drummer in glasses and long hair.) Old pics now they all have short hair except the drummer. Saw them last Sun.

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