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Authenticity Check

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I bought them from the same seller. Thanks in advance.



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Love the jaggers. Post pics when you get them.

EDIT: Oops...sorry Helen, I was wrong about the first pair
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1st ones are fake, 2nd are real nitrogen wash
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The crowns are fake because fuchsia crowns were not made with crystals.
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Originally Posted by clever View Post
The crowns are fake because fuchsia crowns were not made with crystals.
FYIE, That does NOT make them fake.

people add crystals to crowns ALL the time, so we can't pass judgement based on that.

I personally think that a better picture of the back pocket detail would help. I don't want to make a firm Real/Fake decision until then.

OP: request back pocket detail pics and post them up.
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^ First pair is fake, second pair is real

Fushia crowns don't come with crystals, even if custom crystalized, the crowns should then still have stitching where the crystals should be (person would have to glue crystals on top of stitching).

File a dispute against the seller for them, I hope you get your money back. there have been quite a few of those fake fushia crowns on eBay lately.

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Agree, first are fake
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Yeh fuschia ones are fake Fuschia have never come with crystals and even if people crystalise them there would be no gap for the crystals because the crown is filled in with stitching. The second pair are real though
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many thx everyone!
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seems like crystals were definitely tacked on...at least seller is allowing me to return tomorrow.

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yikes, so sorry it didn't work out the stitching on the crown definitely isn't as "full" as it should be, on top of the gaps under the crystals... at least you have a nice seller!
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the size tag is definitely fake as well
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The crowns are totally fake Hopefully you can get your money back.
The nitrogens are gorgeous though.
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