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Does this bag look real?

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I think this bag looks real.... I read all of the authenticity guides and I think its real.... any comments?

Louis Vuitton Abbesses Monogram Messenger - $1,180 - eBay (item 130273160421 end time Dec-31-08 19:16:08 PST)

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Yes, it looks like a bag.
I have no idea if it's authentic, but that is, in fact, a bag. I'm sure of it.
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^ mgo, that comment is so lame that it deserves a neg.

in any case, that bag is authentic, although you can probably find an abbesses messenger on eBay for far less than that price if you continue searching.

Plus, that seller, designerdesire, is a mod here at HF.
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looks authentic to me!
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i think - it is real.
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yeah the bag looks legit from the pictures
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Haha wow just saw this. Yup, it's minneee.
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It looks real, but you can only tell if it is real or not by the touch of it.
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Haha, no seriously. It's real. I have the receipt and everything for it =P
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right...it is real then
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