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there is a viker in this wash too i believe, did u see those and like them?
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2 more Poiaks on the way but it's not like anything is going to fix those pockets.
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Poiak is available also in 8IE

Available online here.
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i actually bought those jeans!
they appear to be a little darker in real. and i don't mind the zippers at all.
here are some pictures:

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^^ I'd size down !! and what are those boots ??
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Why do you have a fully dressed mannequin in the background?
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Boots: Energie

really? you think i should size down?... it's already pretty skinny i thought. i don't like my pants to be too tight

I used to sell on ebay long time ago. taking pictures... that's what the mannequin is for.
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i've seen viker 8sv and it is crappy.
mannequin : ))))

in here one guy had robbed a market or something ,and have been caught when he was intercoursing with it.
: ))))
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I saw the Vikers at the Rack today, they were just $60 and in my size 32x32 but lately I am not feeling Diesel anymore, and it does not help that I have like 40 dark washes already.
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i want these soo badddddd!!!
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These are cool!

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