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Originally Posted by billbonesknows View Post
yea 86T / 8JQ with a hint of 8IN...
don't forget 72H... 8JQ>>>>>>>>>>>> 8SV.
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I saw this pair today in Store, and the back pockets look fucked up to be honest, The wash is alright very rigid. The pockets are very small and those zippers just ruin the jeans. plus they have very small rise too.
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^tried to say the same. the zippers make them look cheap and fucked...
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^^ Yep, I didn't like them only cos when you'll be sitting on the jeans,pockets starting to look flat and not squared and its not good.
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larkee 8ss - 175euro

zatiny 8st - 135euro

viker 8sv - 165euro
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bonsky 8st - 145euro

pheyo 8ss - 210euro
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zathan 8sz - 120euro

how about this wash?
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the 8sz doesnt look too bad - at least for a spring pair. the sv's are okay, except for looks like a giant giz stain on the right leg..
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Do they look more like this

or this?

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one of them from dsl online store and other from ssense (maybe)
usually color become different than both sides am i right
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Sandman, I think he's asking IRL which do they look like more the Diesel site or SSense...
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lol my bad
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^ yea that's what i intended to ask. I was thinking about getting those but I have never seen them in real life so wanted to get a better idea of the wash. Anyone can contribute to this?
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Wait for Mannequin Or Bio...
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or js...
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^^ I saw them in real. and tried them on ! the wash varies. and pockets look f'ed up
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so is it more close to the tone of the diesel pics or that of the ssense pics?
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I have also seen them in real life and they looked more like the ones on the diesel store, not as contrasty as the ones on the ssense. there is probably quite some variation from pair to pair though.
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the thing im trying to find out is whether the real one is as light as those in diesel pics, those on ssense are a bit too dard for my liking..

thanks nickynick!
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^^ Yep, I think so too. They look more like on Diesel store. and I had to size up from Safado, cos rise is very low.
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^ So if I'm a 32 in a low-rise cut like Zatiny would I stick with my same size in Poiak 8SV? Is it a stretchy wash?
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Almost bought a pair 2 weeks ago. Nice...
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Did you try 'em on?
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Originally Posted by Grondie View Post
^ So if I'm a 32 in a low-rise cut like Zatiny would I stick with my same size in Poiak 8SV? Is it a stretchy wash?
Its a new cut man, you really need to go and try them on, I took 2 pairs to try and one was super tight in my Safado size, and the other not that much. I actually liked the wash in person, but pockets are really awful
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