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Samurai Geishas

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I have yet to figure out how dry denim should fit for each kind of jeans...

Am I supposed to be able to button them up? I got them from BiG - their measurements are my normal measurements but I can't get them all the way on.

Also - they're one washed, so I don't need to soak, right?

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I have these. They are prewashed - no soak is necessary.

The fit on mine is fine everywhere except for the waist where they were damn tight. They are full selvedge, so there isn't much curve to the jeans. Gordon suggested that I damp soak the waistband/top of the jeans in order to stretch them out. I haven't started to wear them yet, so I haven't damp stretched them, but hope this helps
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omg how cute pink selvage!

Are these made of texas cotton? If so they stretch less than zero (vx) denim I think.
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Put them on as far as you can and jump in the shower and wet stretch them. I had to do this to my PBJ's because they just didn't fit me at all anywhere. Wet stretching them got them to fit perfectly. I highly recommend it! Hope to see pictures soon!
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Originally Posted by exhausted View Post
omg how cute pink selvage!

Are these made of texas cotton? If so they stretch less than zero (vx) denim I think.
Pink selvage?? Where????
Edit - just found them, they are so hot
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^Lorna - they are a very traditional fit, not really slim/tapered at all. They weren't really what I had expected. Judging by the jeans I've seen you wear, I'm not sure whether you would like the cut much.
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Pretty please post pics! I swear if they made them smaller I would have grabbed them in a heart beat!
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I tried them on again last night - either they're slimmer than I remembered or I have gained a few since I got them. Anyway, I will attempt to damp stretch the waist/butt in the next couple of days and then I will try to post pics.

One thing to keep in mind about them - since they are full selvedge and very stiff, they are not really built for curvy girls (like me), so damp stretching is almost a necessity for the hips and butt area.
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wb anuish
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Those jeans blow my mind.
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I want some bad.
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I wonder what they would look like with lots of fading and wear?
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