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Hey everyone, I'm new to this community (and quite new to eBay in general!) so first of all I want to thank you all for making this message board! It's such a great help for "newbies" like me!

Anyway I was wondering if you could give me some information about Vipluxury1 - are the Sevens they put up real?

Thank you all!
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Hi Kate, and welcome to the board (and eBay, I guess)

Anyway, I wouldn't bid on vipluxury1's items if I was you. I believe the jeans are fake, but I can't confirm this 100%. The reasons for my suspisions:

The seller chose to make his/her feedback private. This means no one can read the comments, and the seller obviously has something to hide.

Upon further inspection, Although there were only 8 negs, the seller had 20 neutrals over the past year (14 in the past month.. yikes!). This shows that possibly buyers were weary of leaving negs for fear of retalitory feedback. This many neutrals is a bad sign.

The seller uses only stock photos in his/her auction, and never shows the real jeans. This is also a bad sign.

My advice is to stay away, but, of course, it's up to you whether or not you want to bid. Good luck .
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I totally agree with benchang1 - never buy from a seller who only uses stock photos which were stolen from other websites. I can't tell if their Sevens are authentic, but in my opinion the chances for this is VERY low. I'm quite sure though that their Citizens of Humanity jeans are fakes. EVERY pair of those they've sold were cut-number 679, which is the worst sign of all. Never trust a seller that sells large quantities of jeans with identical cut numbers (when it comes to Sevens and Citizens).

If you're looking for an authentic Pink A Pocket try vipfashions instead - they're one of the few eBayers who sell authentic Sevens.

Best regards, Bianca
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Thank you both so much!
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