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its ok man

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I received the Rugby coat today. Definitely slimmer fitting throughout, just as Sevs said. I think I could get this one to fit me well with just minimal tailoring. Shortening the sleeves for sure, perhaps taking in the shoulders a little bit, and slimming down the torso a little.

Here's some fit pics so you guys can see how it looks on me, and because I need help figuring out how much tailoring would need to be done in order to achieve a good fit with this coat. Right click > view for larger, and click for alternates:

With sweater:

Without sweater (just a thermal underneath):

(No Alternate):

As you can see, it's a little drapey looking from behind, and you can tell in that pic the shoulders are a little bit big. Any suggestions on what to do to fix it up? Like... as far as tailoring goes. Any comments and suggestions much appreciated. Thanks guys
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wait til you get to vegas for winter break to get it fixed. i bet theres way better tailors there than in IC.
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^^ Shoe: You're too small, pea coat is too big.!
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Hahahaha... yeah, I know. I'm just seeing if you guys think this is a close enough fit that it could be fixed by taking it to a [good] tailor... or if I would be better off sending it back because fixing it would be tough/too expensive.

Looking to hear some input from those who have had a (wool) coat tailored and/or those who know/have an idea how much it would set me back.
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you can't do anything about the shoulders. that is one thing that is not tailorable. is it an xs?
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It's a Small. I called them and apparently this pea coat is not made in XS, so I can't go any smaller here unless I find another pea coat (which I've been having a bit of a time trying to do).
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Anthony - James is right, it's not tailorable. Why no Sterlingwear? Those coats you listed are no less conservative than the ones James/I/others here have ordered from Sterlingwear.
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I was sort of considering Sterlingwear but more or less as a last resort... because it seemed just a little too simple for me. Just wanted to see if I could find something else out there that might have a little bit more of a modern look while remaining somewhat traditional. That and because I'm still unsure about my Sterlingwear size, even after reading up quite a bit on them.

But if there's nothing I can do to this coat, I might have to send it back and order a Sterlingwear one. Oh, and one more thing was the wait period. I would like to have the coat before winter is over, lol.
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Your Sterlingwear size = 30R or 30S. It's not complicated. I wear a 32L and I'm busting out of it. James wears a 30R. And I guarantee you that our Sterlingwear coats, simply by virtue of their shape, look more 'modern' than your Rugby coat, which just looks dumpy. How much was it?

BTW my Sterlingwear coat was a totally custom order with an extra pocket and all that, and it got to me in like 2 weeks. They have a very good habit of underpromising and over-delivering.
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Looking at measurements I guess would probably be the part that messed me up. Looking through SF and other forums, I seem to be picking up vastly different measurements for coats that are supposedly the same size and it's throwing me off. Could you give me some measurements on your 32 (namely pit-to-pit and shoulders/waist)? The pit-to-pit measurement of James' 30R seemed like it would be too small for me (which seems weird, no? But my Hare jackets measure larger in the chest than his Sterlingwear, so I'm pretty sure it'd be too small). Also, I would want to be able to wear something thicker than a t-shirt without feeling constricted.

And if the delivery period is as you say it is, then that's good and I may just have to order one while I'm in Vegas over break.
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^what are the meaurements on your rugby peacoat?
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Shoulders ~17.5"
Chest ~19.75"
Sleeve ~25.5"
Length from collar to bottom ~29"
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^^ Shoe: I think Skidd is right, return this one back, and look for another pea coat. I'm sure you can find something for your size.
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thanks man!
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Originally Posted by Zodiac View Post
^^ Shoe: I think Skidd is right, return this one back, and look for another pea coat. I'm sure you can find something for your size.
Yep... probably what I'm gonna do.

Now I just need to find some measurements for size 32 in the Sterlingwear Classic (ross, I'm lookin at you ) so I can determine whether to go with 30 or 32. Just a bit unsure about the 30 since the measurements on James' coat seem like it might be too slim in the chest if i want to wear a sweater or something underneath the coat
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^^ Its gonna sound like a broken record, but look into Topman, they do have some nice pea coat and not that expensive. I'm saying that cos they make lots of XS sizes and they run really slim.
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May be something in here River Island
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^ Thanks for the suggestions. I like Topman's black cropped pea coat on the US site, but it's currently sold out of everything size M and below...

Also, I'm not sure about how warm they would be. The material doesn't look very thick, and I'm looking for a winter coat since it gets pretty cold where I'm at and I'll be doing a lot of walking when trekking around campus.
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May I suggest crewcuts?
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Does Sterlingwear coat run big in size? I read that if you wear a size 40R you should get 38R instead. What is the recommendation of the people who own them?
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^ Seems to be what I've read on various forums. If you want a slimmer fit then size down 1 from your regular size.
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did you ever find a pea coat shoebox? (sorry for bumping old topic)
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I actually just placed an order for a Sterlingwear Classic in black (size 32S) just a couple days ago. They're closed for the week, though, so the coat won't be shipping out until Monday or Tuesday next week. I should hopefully have it by the time I return to Iowa. Let's hope it fits... :\

If it's good I will post up some pics. If not, I'll just tell my sad story... haha
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32S???? Order yourself a big box of Potatoes and Steak along with it.
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