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please help, ebay issue

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i sold a perfectly working order camera on ebay.
i packed it in a box, within a box.
i offered insurance as an option..but she didnt purchase it.

the buyer said the camera has a clicking noise.
i tested it before it was sent out and there was no clicking noise

the buyer now wants a full refund but i told her i wont accept the return because the camera was probably damaged AFTER it was sent out.

she said it was my fault for not packing it securely

i told her, opening a paypal dispute would be the best option.

she shouldve purchased insurance!!

now what?? who would win?? whats going to happen?

i really dont want a damaged camera now~ what am i going to do with it?

pls help!!
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Hey! As far as I know and from everything I've read, it's the seller's responsibility to make sure the item arrives in the same condition it was shipped in, by buying insurance. The extra couple bucks it costs to cover your ass are far more worth it than having to lose money in the end by having something happen to it along the way. I think paypal usually sides with the buyer in these situations so you may be in trouble. Sorry to say.
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But cant the buyer always make up some excuse that it was broken the entire time even if its insured? If the buyer doesnt want it, they can get a refund no matter what, basically...right?

I dont think sellers are protected at all then...

its tough.........
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YOU didn't buy insurance. You're SOL.
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I've had this happen to me before too, you're SOL.

Does this apply even if the buyer didn't receive the item when there was tracking? I mean, since its the sellers responsibility to provide insurance for the item, and it was lost in the mail, it's still the sellers fault 'cause there wasn't insurance on the package... right?
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I think if there is tracking that shows the item was delivered, you have more room to win in a dispute. However, if the claim that's filed is for an item that wasn't as described, i.e. broken or whatever, then it's back on the seller for not insuring that it arrived safely. It really depends on the type of dispute they open.
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you should just accept returns..keeps you from getting neg feedback. "customer is always right"
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