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Nudie's still worth crap???

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I might get sniped for posting this as pretty much everyone hates Nudies here...

But w/ 25% discount...

NUDIE JEANS Straight Sven in Dry Selvage at Revolve Clothing - Free Shipping!

Is it worth to spend lil over $100 for these???
If not, can anyone introduce to to some nice straight cut Selvage denim?
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apc forever
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yeah get some apc. judging by the cut you chose there you might actually like the new standard better. look at the petite standard too, i like it better personally. they retail for 155 so there isn't a huge difference there.

- CONTEXT CLOTHING - Free Shipping!
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if u want nudies...farinellis has 50% tomorrow on a few styles
SF - Farinellis: Official Affiliate thread - Page 59 - Style Forum

self edge has 25% off nudies
Self Edge is Denim

so check those stores too

but revolve has a bigger selection of nudes
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p.s. - i wouldnt get those str8 svens
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apc is better. whichever ones you get you should buy them from mauro @ farinelli's. fuck revolve.
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at revolve the best RAW jeans there u can buy are KMWs

u should buy em from farinellis
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Thanks all!
I've considered APC's & the price seem pretty reasonable...
However I can never really find quality denim in cut I like.
I like something bit relaxed w/ lower rise & no tapering over 1/2"
& due to my enormous calves (L=15.5, R=15.75) I need something that's @ least 7.5 in the leg opening.

Something in between Dior 21cm & Nudie Slimjim's what I'm looking for & I haven't found any yet.

These look pretty good:

Kicking Mule Workshop 1980 Japanese Edition - CONTEXT CLOTHING - Free Shipping!

But no size
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slimjim, my calves are 17 :/
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Originally Posted by exhausted View Post
slimjim, my calves are 17 :/
I feel you
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slimjim have you ever been to BlueInGreen, since you are close to NYC?
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Worth crap? Since when was it worth crap? Is that according to the SF Gods or has that become another trend on the Honest Forum?
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na just compared to most raw jeans they are low on the totem pole

apc's arent far ahead of em either [i own apcs and like em though]
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some say they are crap because they are made of thinner denim than some of the others...
some say they tear or blowout...
i dont know..
but i have figured out that some say they are crap because they have a noticable pocket design...(branding)....which alot of the raw denim snobs are against..
i dont care about that stuff...its not a big deal..i like the way the pockets look.....
who knows........i may get a pair...
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^ for the price, buy apcs instead.
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yes. nudies are still crap
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I think Nudie makes decent jeans at decent price.
APC is great too, as suggested above.

Think it this way.

Nudie, italian/japanese denim fabric, made in Italy, import duty = expensive

APC, chinese denim, made in macau (well, nearly china), cheaper duty (as price is cheaper) = still expensive but not as good as nudie, quality-wise.

I would buy dior though
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^don't think of it that way.

and you say you would buy dior, yet say APCs that retail for $155 are expensive?
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