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Anybody knows them ?!!  

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Hi people ... i am thinking of buying some Diesel on ebay ... I saw maaaaaaaany sellers ... i would like to ask your opinions about 3 sellers ... They are :

What do u say about their products ?!! Are they AUTHENTIC ??

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks !! bye
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Dieselofmiami - authentic
Italiandepot - authentic
Jean_4_U - can't confirm 100%, but I believe authentic.

Do your homework. Search the threads. There have been at least 5 threads on each of these sellers at wholesale4um. Also, please stop typing like you're hitting your keyboard with a hammer. It does get annoying.


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I dindt ask your help ... U r an idiot ... u think u know everything ... I am new to this website ... idiot ... I DONT WANT YOUR HELP ... Idiot

And please I dont want your opinion ...
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There should be a rule that 12 year olds aren't allowed to post. ucantrust77 really is a big joke. How annoying.
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